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The Kate Platt Award

Kate Platt Child Advocate of the Year Award

There are a special few individuals whose very presence transforms the lives of their neighbors. You know these people when you meet them because they enrich the lives of those around them. Kate Platt was one such member of our community. In life she embraced the ideologies of youth while balancing the legacy of an older generation. Her love of life was expressed in poetry - wise beyond her tender adolescent years. Her words found an international audience in a children's publication, "Chaotic Flight".

Her tragic death in a motor vehicle crash arrested the hearts of our community, touching the soul of all who knew her. Yet it reminded us that each year, more than a thousand young Floridians are lost to preventable injuries. Four times this number are permanently disabled. As we experienced with Kate's untimely passing, the repercussion of these tragedies ripple through our communities affecting many more lives than the child alone.

Kate's parents, George and Ann Platt, are respected Broward community leaders and treasured members of the Fort Lauderdale Country Club family. We are privileged to celebrate their daughter's memory with the 6th Kate Platt Child Advocate of the Year Award.

The Award is to be given to an individual whose achievements and career contributions have made a significant difference in Broward County's maternal and child health policy and (or) programs towards improving their health, well-being and safety.

Previous Award Recipients

National Recipients

Broward County Recipients


Jeremy Katzman, NSU

Phone: (954) 262-5408
Cell: (954) 661-7000

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