Call for Proposals

Presentation proposals for the Going Deeply Digital: Promises and Challenges of the Digital Curriculum in Higher Education conference, to be held at Nova Southeastern University’s Fort Lauderdale campus, are sought from faculty, staff, teachers, administrators, instructional designers, students, and vendors. The deadline for submitting conference proposals has now passed. Registration to attend the conference is now open and is $50 for professionals and $25 for students. Register today! The Conference program will be available in early January 2019.


The Going Deeply Digital Conference is sponsored and hosted by the Association of Chief Academic Officers (ACAO) Digital Fellows Project and Nova Southeastern University (NSU). The Digital Fellows Project is supported by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to ACAO.

Possible Presentation Topics Might Address:

  • The meaning of deeply digital teaching and learning
  • The motivational influence of low threshold feedback
  • The implementation of an online digital curricula
  • What researchers are saying about technology in higher education
  • Costs associated to technology in higher education
  • Game theory and makerspaces as guides for going digital
  • Organizing higher education for a digital curriculum
  • Going digital in my classroom
  • Social media and the digital curriculum
  • Impact of tools from MyMathLab to Google Docs to Adobe
  • What is a digital curriculum
  • The impact of e-books
  • The changing role of the university instructional designer
  • Managing an increasingly digital curriculum
  • Vendors and the digital curriculum
  • Directed vs. discovery learning in higher education
  • Student technology expectations
  • Showcasing digital curriculum materials for higher education
  • Industry-standard software
  • Preparing faculty, adjuncts, and students to work with digital technology

Presentation Formats

Concurrent Sessions: Concurrent sessions with 1-2 presenters are scheduled for either 25-minute or 50-minutes. If a 25-minute time block is requested, this session will be combined with another 25 minute session.

Panel Sessions: Panel sessions with 3-5 panelists are scheduled for 50 minutes. Panel sessions involve a give-and-take between a moderator and panel members, or a series of short presentations by those on the panel, interspersed with questions from the audience, other panel members, or the moderator.

Posters: We welcome proposals for visual poster presentations to be displayed on foam boards. During poster sessions, which can feature a work in progress, new concepts, research results, and more, presenters stand or perform beside their displays to explain content and answer questions.

Workshop Sessions: We welcome proposals for workshop sessions (50-minute sessions) that actively engage conference participants with hands-on activities or demonstrations. Successful workshop proposals explain clearly how participants will engage in workshop activities.

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