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Students & Employees with Illness

On this page you will find information about what to do if you've been infected with COVID-19. 

Students Who are Ill

If a student tests positive for COVID-19 or has any other short-term medical diagnosis (i.e., strep, mono, etc.) that would preclude them from attending in-person class, they need to submit documentation from a current treating healthcare provider to the Office of Student Disability Services. The office’s verification process will need documentation from your treating provider(s) that addresses the following information: Reason for a medical appointment(s); Date(s) of absence/under care; Date(s) of anticipated return to a normal academic schedule; Any academic considerations during the time of absence or under the care of the treating provider(s). Medical documentation can be sent to the office’s team members directly via

The Office of Student Disability Services will communicate verification of absence to faculty once received and is reviewed. It is at the discretion of the faculty how the student will make up the missed classroom content or through additional assignments. The student should communicate with their faculty directly about classroom content and assignments. Every student has access to the NSU Student Medical Center, including telehealth options. For any student enrolled in a graduate level academic program within the NSU’s Health Professions Division (HPD), please contact your program director to discuss the academic program’s absence policy and procedure.

Employees Who are Ill

Employees who test positive or have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 must isolate according to CDC guidelines. Please refer to the CDC isolation calculator to determine length of time in isolation. Employees who have no symptoms may discuss the possibility of working remotely with their supervisor.

Employees who cannot work remotely or are experiencing symptoms are to:

  • report the isolation period through the NSU Self-Isolation Notification page,
  • charge sick leave or other paid time off for absence (if eligible),
  • complete the Return to Work Certification form prior to returning to work, and
  • follow CDC post-COVID guidelines which may include wearing a mask around others for a period of time

If illness persists beyond the CDC recommended isolation period, benefit-eligible employees and supervisors should follow the SharkLeave process which begins with contacting the university's leave administrator, Lincoln Financial. Please refer to the SharkLeave page or reach out to your college for more information about the leave process.

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