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COVID-19 Information, Resources, and FAQs

COVID-19 has caused many changes in the world, but NSU Career Development is here to help you with any career-development needs you have! On this page, you can find a variety of information and resources to help you keep up the momentum of your professional development during COVID-19.


COVID19 Guidelines


COVID-19 Information and Resources

Video Call Tips:

Have you had something cancelled, such as a conference or presentation? Check out this article to learn how to still capture that on your resume/CV!

Linkedin Learning is a great (and free!) way for you to learn new skills of all kinds. LinkedIn Learning has courses to help you do everything from polishing your public speaking skills to learning a new coding language, and everything in between! We've put together a few collections of LinkedIn Learning courses that we think you might be interested in - check them out below:

Learn how to use LinkedIn Learning:


Perfect Your Elevator Pitch:

Software Skills

R Programming:
Python for Data Science:
SPSS Essentials:
SPSS for Academic Research:
Workplace Success Skills
Time Management:
Critical Thinking:
Business Communication:
Public Speaking / Communicating With Confidence:
Job/Internship Search Skills
Attracting Recruiters:

A webinar from NSU experts on the topic of job/internship searching during COVID-19:

A COVID-19 Job/Internship Search Guide created by your NSU Career experts: COVID-19 Job/Internship Search Guide

A running database of companies and organizations currently hiring: Who’s Hiring Today" dashboard

The Virtual Student Federal Service (VSFS) Remote Internship Program: (open July 1, 2020-July 31, 2020)

An eight-month remote internship program for U.S. citizen students, college-level and above, who would like to make a real difference in the work of the U.S. government. Since 2009, thousands of eInterns have expanded the efforts of the U.S. government, working remotely from their school, dorm room, apartment, local library or coffee shop – wherever they happen to be! Virtual interns work only on unclassified projects. They report to their mentors at the Department of State and other federal government agencies in the U.S. and around the world by email, phone, or video chat. VSFS is managed by the Office of eDiplomacy in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Information Resource Management. VSFS collaborates with federal agencies across government on this program. 

An April 2020 Forbes article with a list of resources to find remote job opportunities - sorted by discipline:

A continuously updated blog entry from that lists companies hiring for remote job right now:

A student-managed list of internships that are still on for Summer 2020 and those that have been cancelled:

A continuously updated playlist of videos on a variety of COVID-19-related topics

A list of YouTube channels with videos offering advice and information about finding a job/internship during COVID-19:

A list of companies who are currently hiring, updated regularly:

A list of resources to find jobs during COVID-19, both remote and in-person, by

Parker Dewey: 

Parker Dewey offers the largest network of highly motivated college students and recent graduates who are excited to complete short-term, paid, professional assignments.  
Internships are great, but traditional programs are limited by the number of opportunities they can offer and the talent they can attract. Micro-Internships are scalable, easy to implement, and create a pathway into your existing programs.  
From on-demand project support to industry-leading diversity recruitment initiatives, Micro-Internships help your team identify, engage, and assess college students and recent grads nationwide. 

A virtual job fair list:


MindSumo hosts virtual case studies where students complete in teams to address real world case scenarios

Contact tracing is a field that has gained greatly increased attention as a result of COVID-19. 

Contact tracing training:

Contact tracing jobs:

A New York Times articles with great tips for finding virtual internships for the summer:


COVID-19 AACOMAS application updates:

Virtual Pre-Health Volunteer Opportunities:

Scribe Certification Hosted by Pacific Medical Training (recorded webinar): 

Nursing Job Searching Treands webinar (recorded):

US Army Health Professions Scholarship Program webinar (recorded):

Wake Up Pre-Health Sharks!
A weekly webinar, listen live at 11:00AM on Wednesday mornings or view recordings of past webinars below:
5 Pillars of Pre-Health:

Applying to Professional School:

Careers in Epidemiology:

Personal Statements:

Interview Tips:

Evaluating Gap Year Options:

Research 101:

Life as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT):

Master of Public Health:

College of Osteopathic Medicine:

Master of Science in Nutrition:

College of Pharmacy:

College of Allopathic Medicine:

Master of Science in Medical Education:

Master of Business Administration:

Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics:

Master of Science in Emergency Management:

Bowtie Kids:

Freedom Mortgage:

Progressive Behavioral Science - ABA in the Time of COVID-19





Is NSU Career Development open?

Yes! Career Advisors are available during normal business hours. You can find all of the info about our location, hours, and how to meet with a Career Advisor in the left hand menu of this page.

I graduated, can I still meet with a Career Advisor?

Yes! All NSU alumni have life-long access to career development resources and services.

Are career-related events such as career fairs still going on?

At this time, all in-person events have been cancelled or postponed. We are having as many virtual events as possible however - check them out on the Events page in Handshake!

Where can I find more detailed information and resources related to my professional development during COVID-19?

In addition to these FAQS, we've developed a page with more detailed information on a variety of professional development during COVID-19 related topics - you can find that page here

Check out NSU Career Development's Guide to searching for a job or internship during COVID-19!


Are employers still hiring?

This varies, and is constantly changing, but yes, many employers are still hiring! There are a number of resources available where you can find lists of who is hiring and who is not, here are a few:

I had plans to complete an internship, research experience, study abroad trip, or some other activity this spring/summer that has gotten cancelled - now what?

While many activities have been cancelled, the good news are that many are still taking place either with increased social-distancing guidelines in place or by being moved online. Some types of experiences, such as volunteering online or virtual micro-internships are increasing in numbers as organization continue to adapt to the changing circumstances. If you're having trouble finding a an experience to help you meet your professional goals, just contact a Career Advisor who will be happy to help!

In addition to looking at the more traditional experiences you might consider for your summer, maybe consider using online platforms like LinkedIn Learning to boost your skills in key areas. An NSU Career Advisor can help you determine where possible skills gaps might be that you could address and make your resume even stronger than it already is!

The entrance exam for the graduate/professional school I want to apply to has been postponed/cancelled - what now?

The best information about tests will be available from the company/organization that administers the test. A few examples are below:

Test: GRE - Organization: ETS - COVID19 Information:

Test: MCAT - Organization: AAMC - COVID19 Information:

How do I communicate with employers about remote work accommodations?

Your health and safety is a priority. It is important to reach out to employers about the precautions they are taking to protect employees and clients during this time.

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