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Peer Advisor Program

  • The Nova Southeastern University Career Development Peer Advisor Program provides current undergraduate students hands-on experience in helping other undergraduate students reach their career goals
  • Through guided supervision, and exposure to all activities in a university career office, Peer Advisors learn the basics of career counseling
  • The expectation is that well trained students will serve as effective mentors and role models for their peers, and that undergraduate students who receive the services and instruction will devote greater energy to their professional development thus transitioning more easily and successfully into the world of work
  • Students do not need to have a background in coaching or advising to become a Peer Advisor as the program provides thorough training and consistent guidance to ensure ones success and growth as an advisor
  • Provide drop-in career advisement sessions (15 to 20 minute appointments) in the areas of resume/cover letter development, career/major choice, internships, job search and graduate school admissions
  • Develop a theoretical foundation for career development
  • Engage in appropriate career planning activities and events (Ex: Career Fairs)
  • Participate in weekly individual supervision and advisement meetings
  • Demonstrate proficiency in web-based career and job search tool (Ex: Handshake & LinkedIn)
  • Understand various career fields and skills needed for such career tracks
  • Assist with advertising the services and programs offered by Career Development and provide information to undergraduate peers who may not be aware of Career Development
  • Be a role model for professionalism
  • Develop transferable skills that can be used for a multitude of industries and careers
  • Exposure to career counseling and working one on one with clients
  • Develop a knowledge and approach that can lead to continuous professional development for yourself
  • Gain an inside perspective and network within Career Development
  • On-campus employment with flexible hours while still having the support of a team
  • Creative influence in Career Development events and advising 
  • Each student will receive three ExEL unit credits for participating in the Peer Advisor Internship program. Meet with your Career Advisor to learn more about this amazing opportunity and steps needed to receive ExEL credit.
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