“My daughter has been involved in the Special Gals group which is part of the CARD center at NSU under the guidance of Mallory [Schneider] Kojkowski, M.S. Ed for several years.  As a member of this group she has learned to socialization skills, participate in community outings and most importantly to have fun with friends.  She has been engaged in many different events including ice cream socials, game time with friends, and creating a community garden.  Her social skills have improved dramatically during these events and she will engage in a conversation regarding what she did which has helped her communication skills. As a parent, it gives me great joy in watching my daughter participate and enjoy being with peers. I would like to thank Mallory and the CARD center for their creation of this group as it has become so beneficial to my daughter's interpersonal skills across many different settings including home, school and work environments.”

- Cheryl Fox

What CARD CAN participants have to say:


"An amazing opportunity with a world-class presenter!"

- Spring, 2015

"Great information"

"Great information and discussion on things I can use right away. I wish it could be longer!"

- SLP, Winter 2015


"I liked meeting other professionals working with AAC and learning what is working in their environments."

- SLP, Spring 2015


"Thanks for the great resources! I can use these daily with our families."

- SLP, Fall, 2014

What participants in the SLP program events have to say:

"Very helpful"

"I loved the ideas! These will be very helpful!" 

- Grad Student, Fall 2014

"Soooo helpful"

"That was soooo helpful! Thank you for taking the time to explain more about those strategies." 

- Grad Student, Winter 2015

"Thanks "

"Thanks for this practical information. I wish I had known about these strategies when I first started in clinic." 

- Grad Student, Winter 2015


"Awesome! Thank you for making these available online for those of us who work or are in externship." 

- Grad Student, Spring 2015

"Very informative"

"It was very informative and I know I'll be able to put a lot of those ideas and methods to good use in my therapy." 

- Grad Student, Summer 2015

"Can't wait"

"Can't wait for the next one!" 

- Grad Student, Summer 2015

What attendees at the Issues in Autism Conference have to say:


"Fantastic workshop from beginning to end! I wish there was a Day 2."

- Educator, Spring 2015

"Can't wait"

"I can't wait for the recording to be posted so I can share this with my son's team."

- Parent, Spring 2015


"I just wanted to thank you for providing such wonderful professional development opportunities for everyone in the community.  I heard  from several of the teachers/ SLPs who attended the Saturday program. They were pleased with the information provided and reported they have already put it to use with success."

- SLP, Spring 2015

What attendees at the Broward Summer Institute Conference have to say:

"Thank you"

"Thank you for the array of practical ideas. I can't wait to use these resources with my students in the fall!"

- Educator, Summer 2015

"Very practical!"

"Loved the information and his presentation style! You can tell when someone has actually used these apps in their therapy. Very practical!"

- Educator, Summer 2015

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