About the NSU CARD Satellite Office

Individuals with autism and related disabilities frequently require specialized services and supports. CARD, The Center for Autism & Related Disabilities, is a network of state-funded outreach and support centers based at universities around the state. In South Florida, the main center is at the University of Miami (UM-NSU CARD). The center at NSU is a satellite of UM-NSU CARD and was established in 1999 to serve the community in Broward County.

We are housed in the Department of Speech Language Pathology (SLP) in the College of Health Care Sciences at Nova Southeastern University. Our offices are in the SLP Clinic at 6100 Griffin Road (Davie 33314). We collaborate closely with the main South Florida CARD Center at the University of Miami.

Meet our Staff

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Whom Does the NSU CARD Satellite Serve?

We currently serve over 4000 families in Broward County affected by autism and related disabilities. To be eligible for individualized services from one of our clinicians, the person must be a Broward County resident and fit into one of the categories below.

  1. Individuals of any age with:
    • autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
    • both hearing and vision impairments (also called dual sensory impairment or deafblindness)
    • hearing or vision impairments accompanied by other disabling conditions
  2. related disabilities such as individuals who have autistic-like symptoms along with Fragile X Syndrome, Rett Syndrome, Tuberous Sclerosis, or Angelman Syndrome
  3. Children under 5 with developmental delay and some autistic-like behaviors

How Can the NSU CARD Satellite Help Me?

Our services fall under these categories:

  • Individualized Client and Family Support
  • Family and Professional Training
  • Public Education and Awareness and Community Outreach
  • Programmatic Consultation and Technical Assistance

We do not provide assessments or therapy. Our role is to support and build on local and state resources, not duplicate or replace programs or services already in place in the community.

Getting Started

  1. To become a constituent of the NSU CARD Satellite, call 954-262-7111 or email card@nova.edu. A team member will collect some basic information and help you schedule an initial intake appointment with a CARD clinician.
  2. To schedule an appointment with your CARD clinician, contact him/her by phone or email.
  3. To request training by one of the NSU CARD Satellite staff members, complete this Training Request Form and return it to us by email attachment or fax at 954-262-2851.
  4. To invite the NSU CARD Satellite to your health fair, expo, charity walk, or other event, email us at card@nova.edu or call our main number at 954-262-7111.
  5. To participate in one of our groups, reach out to the designated contact person or contact us by email or phone at 954-262-7111.
  6. To request an individual school/agency consultation from a CARD clinician, have the school/agency complete this Technical Assistance Request Form, scan it and send it to your assigned CARD clinician, or fax it to their attention at 954-262-2851.

For additional information or questions about other services, contact us at card@nova.edu or call our main number at 954-262-7111.

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