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Remote Functions

If a campus organization would like to serve alcohol on campus to students, Campus Life and Student Engagement can operate a remote bar. This service is only available during the operation hours of The Flight Deck and only on Nova Southeastern University property. There is a $75.00 Remote Bar Service Fee for this service. Provided at no charge are bartenders, ID checkpoint, and security (if needed).

All alcohol must be purchased and served by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. Alcohol may be served up to a four (4) hour period and sales will end one-quarter hour prior to the event ending.

This service is available at the discretion of the Director and Assistant Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement. DJ services for your event may be provided by Mako Radio at a nominal fee by calling (954) 262-8457.

Alcohol Service Information

Any group requesting remote bar alcohol service from The Flight Deck must:

  • Read NSU Alcohol Policy.
  • Submit a completed Remote Bar Service Request Form at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposed event for approval consideration by the Flight Deck Operations Manager and the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement.
  • Schedule a brief meeting with the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement or the Flight Deck Operations Manager at least two (2) weeks in advance to complete necessary paperwork and discuss guidelines.

Remember when planning a remote bar function:

  • Remote events require a $75.00 fee for set-up, breakdown, and staffing needs.
  • If alcohol is to be served, an adequate amount of food and alternate non-alcoholic beverages must be available throughout the entire event at the cost of the group holding the event. Don't forget bowls, trays, tongs, etc. for your food.
  • The Flight Deck can provide sodas, water, cups, and a cooler of ice that can be billed to your group.
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