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Guidelines for the Use of Alcohol

The only alcoholic beverages that can be served at Nova Southeastern University functions that are student-oriented are beer and wine. All requests for such events must be coordinated through NSU's Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

Entry fees to the function may be charged, but this fee is only for admission to the event.

One-quarter hour prior to the approved ending time listed on the Alcohol Exemption Request form, sales will stop.

Any advertisements for the event (including leaflets, invitations, posters, letters, and all other forms of advertisements) cannot advertise alcohol. These advertisements can display the following information: Beverages will be available. Must have valid state-issued picture identification for verification of age.

An adequate amount of food and alternative beverages (such as: water, juice, assorted sodas, coffee, and teas) must be available throughout the entire event. This food and beverage must be provided at the cost of the organization holding the event. The amount of food and beverages appropriate for the size of the event will be determined by the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

No organization or individual(s) can purchase beer or wine for an event. All beer and wine must be purchased and served by the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. All proceeds from ticket sales will be deposited with the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. No other alcohol is permitted.

The Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement will be present during an event where beer and wine are served. If he/she is not available, a University employee will be designated by the Director for the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement. The organizational contact of the event must be present during the entire event as a point of contact for the Director of Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

The sponsoring organization is responsible for ensuring that all University policies are strictly obeyed. (These guidelines do not override existing university policies, but rather, these guidelines should be used in conjunction with all other University policies).

Appropriate precautionary measures must be in place to ensure that beer and wine are not served to individuals under the legal drinking age (21 in the State of Florida). These measures include having a designated individual, as deemed by the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement, screening persons entering the event and attaching a wristband or stamp indicating those of legal drinking age. At any time during the event, the individual screening has the option to decline identification provided by an individual. The entire staff working the event has the right to refuse service to individuals deemed as having enough alcohol prior to or during the event.

Under no circumstances should anyone be coerced to alcohol. This means: no drinking games, contests, or events which encourage excessive drinking.

It will be at the discretion of the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement to make arrangements and pay for any security needs necessary based on the specifics of the event and the number of estimated attendees.

Violations of these guidelines during the event may result in the closing of the event. All individual violations will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for review. The University can take disciplinary actions as a result of violations to these guidelines.

All requestors must meet with the Director of Campus Life and Student Engagement and/or the Flight Deck Operations Manager to go over these guidelines and NSU Alcohol Policy, after which, the Alcohol Policy Exemption Request Form must be completed.

Note: The Alcohol Exemption Request Form can be obtained through the Office of Campus Life and Student Engagement.

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