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Your NSU eBill Statement

NSU eBill is the official means of generating and delivering billing statements to all students and authorized users. eBill notifications are sent to students' email in the middle of each month, usually on the 15th. Your monthly eBill statement will reflect the activity on your student account that has taken place since the last statement was generated.

First-time in college freshmen entering in the fall receive their first NSU eBill notification in mid-June. 

  • NSU payment policy stipulates that payment is due at the time of registration.
  • A special exception to this policy is granted to new incoming freshman for their first semester. The fall 2023 payment deadline  for new freshmen is August 1, 2023.

screenshot of sample nsu ebill statement


number one Term Column

Term codes displayed in NSU eBill are broken down as follows:

  • XXXX10 = Summer II (July-August)
  • XXXX20 = Fall (August- December)
  • XXXX30 = Winter (January-April) 
  • XXXX40 = Spring (April-June)
  • XXXX50 = Summer I
    (May-July for seven week terms; May-August for 12 week terms)


number 2  Date Column

 Activity dates are captured in YYYY-MM-DD format.

number 3 Description Column

Common descriptions include:

  • Authorized Financial Aid

    Financial aid, including state and federal grants, loans, and institutional scholarships for which all eligibility requirements have been met. 

Important: If your expected financial aid is not listed in this section, it may be due to the fact that you have not yet fulfilled all necessary requirements for the funds to be authorized. Financial aid eligibility requirements may include, but are not limited to, registering for a minimum number of credits, completing all admissions requirements, accepting or modifying loans, completing entrance counseling and a Master Promissory Note for loans, and more. You may view outstanding financial aid requirements in SharkLink. 

  • Memo Items
    Memo items may include the following:
    • scheduled NSU payment plan payments
    • payments expected from approved third-parties, such as the Florida Prepaid College Plan, Veterans Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and other governmental entities

number 4 Charges

 If you have questions regarding specific charges on your eBill statement, please contact the appropriate office:


 number 5  Credits

 This column will list payments received as well as financial aid funds applied.

number 6 Contact information and policy reminders

  • Payment policy states that payment is due upon registration. The payment deadline for new incoming freshmen is August 1. 
  • Holds and late fees of $100 are assessed for any accounts with outstanding balances thirty days after the start of the semester/term.



1. Access the NSU eBill page

2. Log in as student or authorized user.

3. Click on "View Statement" in section 3.  screenshot nsu ebill

4. On the "Statements" page, click "View."

screenshot of nsu ebill statement page



For more information, visit  NSU eBill FAQs

student accounts brochureAre you trying to figure out how to manage your student account? Check out our quick reference guide "The Ins and Outs of Student Accounts" to get you started.

If you have remaining questions, we are here to help you take stock of your financial responsibilities and build a positive track record of account management. Visit "Contact Financial Aid and Academic Records" for a way to get in contact with us that works for you. 

Newly Admitted Undergraduate Students

Students who will be living on campus must settle their accounts before check-in day. Charges for tuition, fees, and student health insurance are posted once you register for classes.

Finalize Your Account for Prior to Move-In


 For a more in depth explanation of your student account, also visit our student account page.

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