Photos are an important part of how we tell our story. NSU’s photographic style should convey optimism, confidence, and success. As with our words, it’s important to avoid clichés. We should always aim for a fresh and interesting point of view. Branding is essential in our imagery, so whenever possible, find the blue organically.

NSU and our brand are authentic, so images should be honest. Our location is desirable, so it should be personified in images whenever possible and appropriate. Our images should be technically correct, showing instructors and students in the appropriate dress (lab coats, gloves, and/or protective gear, etc).

When holding a photo or video shoot, please use the official NSU release form and printable poster below.

Video & Photography Release Form

Video / Photography in Progress Poster


Portraits of NSU students, faculty members, athletes, and stakeholders serve not only to feature the person being photographed, but to also give the reader or viewer context as to the subject’s significance in NSU’s brand story. When possible, these images should be captured in both portrait and landscape orientation to allow for greater usage across different channels and iterations.

Keep backgrounds relevant, but simple and graphic. Do not be afraid of negative space. Use it to tell the story of the subject. Whenever possible, use blue in wardrobe and/or environment. When editing, maintain the warmth of skin tones.



The NSU experience is fresh and extraordinary, and our lifestyle imagery should reflect that. Resist the conventional. If it looks like an image that you would find in materials for any college, avoid it. Look for the more interesting composition, arresting angles, and unique backgrounds to create a signature NSU look. Like in the portraits, there should be a touch of blue whenever possible.

These examples show various themes and styles that are NSU brand appropriate.

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