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Alexandra Paroulek-Bergbauer (B.S. '09) & Michael Bergbauer (B.A. '08)

Alexandra Paroulek-Bergbauer and Michael BergbauerAs told by Alexandra:

I first met Michael when I revived the video game/anime club during my 2nd year. When all the clubs had bulletin boards in the Parker building, I went with friends to decorate our board and later post about it on our Facebook page. Michael was the first one to comment on how awesome our board looked. His profile picture was of his favorite anime character, and I remember getting excited that someone liked our board and I wanted to meet him. We would talk at meetings, and soon learned that we were both in the Honors program. We would see each other at Honors events and later had our first Honors class together, Genetics & Genealogy. I also began working at The Current newspaper where Michael was the editor-in-chief at the time. We were just friends but I always enjoyed his company when we would walk from class to the newspaper office, and since we would finish late at the office, he would walk with me back to the dorms.  

We began dating after my graduation in 2009. I left for medical school out of the state, so we had a long distance relationship for 6 months until I decided to come back to Florida and pursue massage therapy. During that time, Michael was always supportive and encouraged me in my studies.

My most memorable NSU moment with Michael would be working with him at The Current. As the chief of visual design, I spent a lot of time with Michael designing the look of the paper, and it was like a party every week, where I’d play 80s music while we worked, we would talk and he would crack a joke every so often.  

We will be married 3 years this March! Since we are both NSU alumni, there is no doubt that we still like visiting campus during alumni events and going to the Honors College banquets. It brings a lot of nostalgia and pride to see how much NSU continues to grow.

There are so many programs and clubs on campus that it was easy to meet a lot of great people who share similar ideas and interests, bonus if they become your spouse. There are also great places to hang out. Michael and I would frequent the Flight Deck to have a drink and play Guitar Hero.

We have not commemorated our meeting, but that is definitely an idea for the future.

Advice I would offer:  The best way to make your college career memorable is to get involved on campus and take advantage of everything that interests you. You never know what you will learn and who you will meet.

EFRAIM (B.S. '01 & M.B.A. '04) and ELIZABETH HERNANDEZ (B.S. '98)

Efraim and Liz Hernandez

As told by Elizabeth:

We worked together at the Mail Center where we developed a friendship.  Every Friday, a group of us would go to a Nova sponsored TGIF.  One particular time, Efraim asked if we can go together. During that very special night we developed an attraction for one another.

Our relationship was definitely a helpful solution.  We were working together and both of us were studying towards our undergraduate degree.  We were able to understand each other’s stress and provided support to each other when we needed it.

The night we went to the “flight deck” for TGIF.  It was the first time that we saw each other as having a future with one another.

Developing a relationship at NSU has shaped our lives in a positive way. It allowed us to be patient, understanding, and giving to each other.  Also, it shaped our lives by learning about each other’s needs and goals for the future.

The best part about meeting each other on campus was falling in LOVE.

We commemorate our meeting at NSU many times, now with two children, we have returned to NSU for events and every time we remember that that was the place we began our journey through life together.

Our advice to other who find love as well as education at NSU would be to take advantage of a great moment. It is a time that you can truly accept love from another while pursuing your educational and career goals because, if a person can support you through such a challenging time in your life, then they will support you forever.

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