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Vaughn Alliton

Vaughn Alliton

Meeting the Needs of a Global Market

Hometown: Manhattan, NY United States
Profession: Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

“I like to be given a mess and then figure out how to make it more efficient and effective,” explained Vaughn Alliton, Executive Director Risk Remediation Metrics and Reporting, Technology and Data at Morgan Stanley. “I love the challenge of being thrown into a situation and creating a solution.”

Alliton (M.B.A. ’92) moved to south Florida in the early 1980's. Working at JM Family Enterprises, he was sent back to school to earn an M.B.A.. He decided to attend Nova. “Nova was never afraid to step out and try something different. In the ’80’s, teaching in clusters and distance education was groundbreaking. Nova found a way to take what was best in traditional education without diminishing it, but creating a quality education experience for students for whom traditional didn’t necessarily work. I was attracted to a university that was innovative like that.”

A standout student, Alliton caught the eye of Dean Neuman Pollack and was asked to take the lead on a project to expand graduate business education to Japan. As a new M.B.A, Alliton became director of operations for the Business School’s nascent international M.B.A. program. He negotiated with a branch of the Japanese government, US business school accreditation bodies, the US Chamber of Commerce and began recruiting with Japanese and US companies to fill the first class. He even reached out to another US university in a unique way to share faculty who would come to Japan to teach.

“Around this time, Nova went through its merger and the decision was made to shift resources to state-side operations.  I moved on to work with Microsoft as it launched Windows 95 in Japan. Through that opportunity I met executives at Merrill Lynch that hired me to work for them in Japan and then Hong Kong, acting as the Technology Program Management Head for Asia, Canada and Latin America." He moved to New York for Merrill in 2000, working with the international private client group. 

In 2005, Alliton joined Morgan Stanley, where he created an information technology risk management metrics and reporting program in a department that grew from a small team to 200 members worldwide. “Banking today is about data, access, managing it and keeping up with fluctuations in demand.  We are constantly assessing who has access to information, how that information is used and protected. We also have to keep up with the huge demand for data and volume of transactions on a worldwide basis, 24/7.  Morgan Stanley operates globally on every continent and every major market. With our conversion to a bank holding company in 2008, the environment is highly regulated with even greater industry and government focus on risk.”

“It would be hard to replicate the career path I’ve had, but starting with my Japan experience with Nova, it helped me to take leaps that have led me to the amazing opportunities I’ve had. And it’s still exciting every day.”

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