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Howard Layne

Howard Layne

A Doctor’s Passion for Physical Therapy Reaches Olympic Proportions

Hometown: Davie , FL United States
Profession: Physical Therapist

From the Macy’s Day Parade to the Olympics, Howard Layne’s ambition has taken him to incredible places. Using his degree in international business, Layne became a junior executive at Macy’s in New York City. While he excelled in sales, he dreamed of changing careers.  Seeking a new challenge, and following ties he had to Florida, Layne began NSU’s physical therapy program.

“As an independent person, I enjoyed the learning style of NSU’s physical therapy program,” says Layne. “You are given a scenario, for example, a person who has tripped and hurt their ankle. You then have to devise a treatment plan. With this style, you seek out answers on your own versus asking questions, which reflects a real-life practice.”

During his final clinical rounds at NSU, Layne, (M.P.T. ’98, D.P.T. ’04), met his future business partner – Nancy Croughwell, D.P.T!  “My business background with her clinical expertise made for the perfect blend.” In 1999, the two founded OrthoSport, a physical therapy rehabilitation center that provides individualized care and instruction. “Our focus is on building a trusting relationship between therapists and patients, so they can meet their individual goals.”

The business philosophy at OrthoSport is “highly individualized. Never treat the client like a number or a file.” Layne explains, “you can be confident you’re getting personal care that you won’t get elsewhere. We have the time and resources to look at our patients from a holistic perspective.”

OrthoSport also takes NSU students in their first or last clinical rotation from the physical therapy program. “We take students from diverse backgrounds and experience, “ says Layne. “It’s incredibly rewarding to watch them grow into highly skilled practitioners and start their careers. We keep in touch with our students and, after they graduate and pass their boards have even hired some.”

Also an adjunct professor and committee member for the physical therapy program at Nova Southeastern University, Layne teaches students about the business side of physical therapy.  “With owning a business, everything changes quickly. From human resources to insurance laws to basic customer care, it is important to be knowledgeable so your clients keep coming back.

Two years ago, Layne began the application process to work as a physical therapist at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. In November 2011 he received notification that he was selected. “Each team has their own doctor, trainer and therapist to assist in the event of injury,” he explains. “From doctors, to massage therapists, nurses, and dentists, we were ready to answer the call.” On the social network Twitter, Layne live-tweeted his experience to the NSU community using @HowardLayne1. 

"From meeting present and past Olympians, to prominent members of the media, to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, it was a once in a lifetime experience. I am extremely grateful to the volunteer staff at the Basketball Venue, the Medical Manager and especially to the committee who selected me.”

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