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Advancement Services Policies and Procedures

Procedure for Processing Advancement Services Requests

  1. All requests for list, labels and alumni information need to pass through the Director of Advancement Services. This procedure will help prioritize requests and expedite the delivery of your information.
  2. Request will be prioritized on the basis of the following criteria:
    • Pressing needs (What is the plan for information?)
    • Status of campaigns (Where are you in the campaign process?)
    • Access to information (Do we have the ability to process the information request or can someone else assist us?)
  3. Requisition forms for Advancement services (see report form) must be filled out online. If your need is especially pressing or the situation is an emergency, send the online request and call the Director of Advancement Services directly. Once the request has been received and prioritized, you will receive a phone call from the Advancement Services Unit, telling you when the request will be processed.
  4. Processing time is generally 3-5 days. If you have a larger request, 14 days advance notice is required (although turnaround time is generally less).

Procedures For Processing Gifts

  1. In order to ensure a complete compilation of contributions and donor information, as well as proper compliance with IRS regulations, all checks, cash, stock and other gifts must be directed to the Advancement Office. This office is responsible for entering gifts into NSU's financial record system and subsequently forwarding them to the Bursar's Office for deposit or other financial deposition. These procedures also permit the Advancement Office Gift Report to be reconciled with fiscal records and verified by Ernst & Young and NSU's independent auditors at the end of the fiscal year.
  2. All gifts must be transmitted through the Advancement Office.
  3. Advise the donor that checks must be made payable to Nova Southeastern University. If a check is made payable to a person or organization other than NSU, it must be endorsed on the back with the same name that appears in the "Pay to the order of" line before NSU can process it.
  4. If you are sending a check to the Advancement Office, you must fill out a gift transmittal form. Include as much information as possible about the donor. For example, tell us whether our benefactor is a student, alumni, parent, faculty member, or friend. Be sure to provide us with an address - we cannot acknowledge the gift without one.
  5. After the check has been processed, it is fed through Banner to Finance. Our Office then generates a receipt for the donor. The school/college/center will receive a yellow copy of the transmittal form with a session sheet attached to verify that the gift has been processed.
  6. Gifts of $1,000 or more will be acknowledged in a letter from the President. Be sure to provide all information necessary for this letter, such as the name and title of the persons to be acknowledged and whether the gift is from a company or foundation.
  7. In some cases, we will send a tribute card to let the person know that a donation has been made to the University in his or her honor or in memory of a family member or loved one. If you would like a tribute card sent, it must be noted on the transmittal form in the "Acknowledge to" area. Please be sure to include the name and address of the person to receive the card.
  8. Developmental deposits or total fundraising activities are provided on a scheduled basis according to the Board of Trustee meetings.

Options for Donations

  1. Credit card donation is an option that is provided to our donors. This allows a donor to make a gift using a credit card which allows the transaction to be processed through our database.
  2. Payroll Deduction is another option that is provided to our donors. Payroll deduction will simplify payroll administration and human resources management, saving time and making in-house payroll processing a cost-effective alternative. This option will allow an employee to make in-house payments directly from their paycheck. The funds will then be transmitted and process into our database.

Procedures For Processing Pledges

  1. To process a pledge, fill out a letter of Intent committing the donor to a specific dollar amount that will be paid according to a fixed time schedule. In most cases, the pledge period should not exceed five years. Please note that the Vice President of Advancement must approve all exceptions to this rule. When the Letter of Intent is complete, it is sent to Advancement Services and then entered into the Banner system. One copy is placed in the donor's file, and one copy is sent to the respective school/college/center.
  2. Reports on pledge activities will be provided on a monthly basis.

Procedures For Processing Gift-in-kind

  1. All gifts-in-kind to the University must be processed through the central Office of Advancement. When you fill out a gift-in-kind form, make sure to include the donor name and address. If the donor is a company, we need a contact name for the thank you letter.
  2. Donors who want their gifts to qualify for charitable deduction must get their property valued by an independent appraiser. Gifts-in-Kind, such as equipment and software, will be entered at their education discount value, which, for the purpose of these standards of reporting, shall be deemed fair-market value. It is important to work closely with the Vice President of Advancement before accepting these types of gifts.
  3. Gifts with fair- market values should be counted at the values placed on them by qualified independent appraisers as required by the IRS for valuing non-cash charitable contributions. Unless the gift comes from a vendor who sells the donated goods or services as part of their legitimate business, an invoice or letter indicating fair- market value is acceptable.

Procedures For Banner Updates

  1. When you complete the Data Modification Add/Update form (see Add/Update form), please fill in all the required fields. Your thoroughness will expedite the process of updating the system. Centralizing and decentralizing is required by Banner for all developmental activities in order to access data. Users must be trained and given access to enter the Alumni/Development information system.
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