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Advancement Services

The Office of Advancement Services is responsible for entering gifts into NSU's financial record system. The Office of Advancement Services complies with IRS regulations, all checks, cash, stock and other gifts are directed to this office. Gift Reports are reconciled with fiscal records and verified by Ernst & Young, NSU's independent auditors.

Our mission is to provide prompt and accurate information to satisfy our customers, while maintaining the highest standards and adhering to our donors/constituents rights to confidentiality and also adhering to the laws of University policies and procedures.

Our Primary Functions

  • Database Constituency Support - Banner Database (parents, alumni, friends, etc.)
  • Donor tracking and management
  • Reports, mailings, list and labels
  • Acknowledging and receipting of donations


Procedure for Processing Advancement Services Requests

  1. All requests for lists, labels and alumni information need to pass through the Advancement Services Analyst. This procedure will help prioritize requests and expedite the delivery of your information.
  2. Requests will be prioritized on the basis of the following criteria:
    • Pressing needs (What is the plan for information?)
    • Status of campaigns (Where are you in the campaign process?)
    • Access to information (Do we have the ability to process the information request or can someone else assist us?)
  3. Requisition forms for Advancement services (see report form) must be filled out online. If your need is especially pressing or the situation is an emergency, send the online request and call the Associate Director of Advancement Services directly. Once the request has been received and prioritized, you will receive an email with the report.
  4. Processing time is generally 3-5 days. If you have a larger request, 14 days advance notice is required (although turnaround time is generally less).
  5. If you have any questions please email Associate Director, Advancement Operations.

Procedures For Banner Updates

  1. Email Alumni Updates with any data modifications that need to take place. Please be specific and include all information that you can. Your thoroughness will expedite the process of updating the system. Centralizing and decentralizing is required by Banner for all developmental activities in order to access data. Users must be trained and given access to enter the Alumni/Development information system.
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