Best Practices and DE in the USA


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Introduction to the Distance Learning Leader Certificate

ppt Nova Educa 2007 Presentation  
Computer-Based Learning
Assure Model
Evaluation Approaches
Visualization Guidelines
Using PowerPoint
Media and Technology for Conference Planners
Audio Recording Fundamentals  
Video Recording Fundamentals  
Introduction to Instructional Technology
2002 Governor Janklow's presentation  
Distance Ed. and the WWW                                                   
Best Practices in Distance Education
Distance Education in Iowa
Definition and Terminology
Handouts and ISGS
Instructional Design
Interaction and Distance Education
Teaching Techniques
Classrooms and IOWA
Preparing Faculty for Distance Education
Managing the Mandate - Distance Ed & Teacher Ed.
Distance Inevitable
Equivalency and Dist. Ed.
Assessment of the Distant Learner
D.E. Research
Approaches for Online Instruction  
Instructional Technology and the Classroom Teacher  
Following or Leading - DE in Iowa  
The Distance Learning Leader  
DE: Higher Education & the Literature  
Visual LIteracy and Instructional Tecnology  
Key Concepts in Instructional Technology  
Overview of ITDE - (Spanish)  
The Perfect Online Course --Article, please click to view--  
Learning About Social Networking  
Instructional Technology and the Classroom: A Baker's Dozen  

Distance Education and International Cooperation – Presentation at Universidad Regiomontana -

Also see photo: Simonson and ITDE Students from Monterrey MX – September 11, 2008


E’Learning Conference – U. of the West Indies


Higher Education's Obligation for Research on Virtual Schools - Presentation at the 25th Conference on Teaching and Learning, 2009.


Teacher Education: Research Obligations and Virtual Schools – 2009 FATE Conference


A Baker’s Dozen – Teaching Tips for the Health Professions



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