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New WebCT 4.1, Campus Edition

On December 24, 2003 we changed the way you log in to WebCT. As you can see, a new design with tools and features have been added for your learning experience. We also migrated to WebCT Version 4.1, Campus Edition. Some of the new features include enhancements to quizzes, discussions, assignments, and global calendar. Click on the links below for enhancements pertaining to:

  • Students

  • Faculty

    Students - WebCT Version 4.1 enhancements

    The quiz timer now counts down dynamically instead of changing only when you save an answer. Optionally, you can change this back to a static timer within Preferences on your 'myWebCT' page if performance becomes an issue. There also is a new icon that appears if you change an answer so you will be reminded to resave your answer.

    Enhancements that affect students include: 1) MS Office documents included as attachments now open correctly after their types are added to your browser's mime-types and 2) the course designer now can control how discussion topics are listed -- most recent either at the top or bottom -- rather than alphabetical, making it easier to students to navigate. You also will notice some other changes that relate to the way messages are displayed.

    Course news messages have been redesigned and now include some new information about assignments; old news is no longer displayed. In addition, there is an improved interface that makes it easier to pick up files, drop off homework, and then pick up a corrected copy or retrieve a completed assignment before the due date (if the instructor allows this).


    Faculty - WebCT Version 4.1 enhancements

    New way to add WebCT users
    Many designers already have visited our new server to activate their courses. Now a new feature available within the Control Center allows you to easily add a designer, teaching assistant, or student to your course.

    To do this, simply select Add Single NSU Email from the "Tools Available" menu. When prompted, enter the user's NSU email name and choose the user type.

    Web browsers supported by WebCT
    One of the improvements included in the most recent version of WebCT was increased compatibility with the newer versions of web browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 6.2.1 . Most of the incompatibility issues with IE 6 were minor but many of the Netscape issues with 6.0 and 6.1 were fairly problematic. Additionally, the AOL 7.0 browser should work with WebCT now except when trying to use Chat or the Whiteboard (in those cases, it will be necessary to use one of the other browsers).

    (Netscape Version 7.n is not yet officially supported) Click here for Browser Configuration Information

    Schedule Training Workshops
    The Faculty Training Department offers a way for faculty and course designers to arrange training courses. If you would like extra help setting up your course or even just becoming familiar with some of WebCT's features, please contact the IZone.

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