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Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Marine Biology

A dual admission program in marine biology is available for freshmen and transfer students. Students will complete the bachelor of science degree in marine biology and a non-thesis master's degree in marine biology in a six-year period. A master's degree that includes a research thesis may take longer to complete.

Students in this program are guaranteed placement at the Oceanographic Center once required standards have been met.Students will complete a minimum of 120 credits in the undergraduate marine biology major. After 45 credits of graduate work, the student will earn a master’s degree in marine biology. In addition, outstanding students will have the opportunity to conduct independent research either at the Oceanographic Center or at field locations throughout Florida.

The undergraduate marine biology major is a rigorous science major designed to prepare students for graduate study in ocean science or marine biology. The curriculum consists of courses in physical and life sciences and is taught by many members of the faculty at the Oceanographic Center. This will fully prepare the undergraduate for the graduate curriculum, supplementing and enhancing the experience.

Final determination of admission into the professional program is at the discretion of the receiving college.

To apply for Dual Admission, download the Shark Preview Premier Programs application form here: Shark Preview Premier Programs

Degrees: Bachelor of Science
Master of Science in Marine Biology
Years to Complete 4+2 years/6 years (non-thesis)
Undergraduate Admission Requirements
Freshman: ACT/SAT/GPA 23/1050/3.2
Transfer: College GPA 3.0
Letters of Recommendation Two
Freshman: Science Teacher and Counselor
Transfer: Any College Professors
Preadmission interview Yes
Deadline For Winter 2016 : October 1, 2015
For Fall 2016 : January 1, 2016
College Requirements to Enter Graduate Program
Undergraduate Major Marine Biology
Cumulative GPA 3.0
Letters of Recommendation 3
Degree Required Yes