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College Student Affairs Dual Admission Program

Dual Admission- Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media

The Master of Arts in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Master’s program prepares students for doctoral studies as well as a variety of careers in publishing and education.

Graduates may:

  • Teach rhetoric, composition, and related courses at universities, colleges, tech schools, and high schools
  • Work as professional writers and editors
  • Work in web design and development
  • Work for professional organizations, such as the National Council of Teachers of English and the College Board
  • Work as researchers and technical writers for private sector, non-profit, and/or political organizations

The Master of Arts in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Dual Admission Program is available for qualified freshmen and transfer students interested in these growing fields. Students must complete the baccalaureate degree and all prerequisite coursework before entering the Master's of Arts in Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Media Master program.

To apply for Dual Admission, download the Shark Preview Premier Programs application form here: Shark Preview Premier Programs

Degrees:  Bachelor's Degree (Any Major)
 Master of Science College Student Affairs
Years to Complete 4+20 months
Preadmission Interview Yes (Shark Preview Competition Weekend)

Winter: November 1

Fall: February 1

Undergraduate Admission Requirements
High School: GPA 3.0 weighted
Freshman: ACT/SAT 22 composite ACT or 1080 total SAT. For SAT attempts prior to March 2016, a total score of 1000 is acceptable.
Transfer: College GPA 3.0
Major / Course Req. Any bachelor's degree, prescribed program prerequisites will be communicated upon admission.
Cumulative GPA 3.0
Minimum Credits 50 credits at NSU, 30 upper division
Degree Required Yes
Graduate Application Yes

Final determination of admission into the professional program is at the discretion of the receiving college.

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