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Dental Medicine Dual Admission Program

Dual Admission – Athletic Training

Athletic Training

Dual Admission for the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) is a four plus two-year combined program in which students follow a four-year course of study with any undergraduate major. This includes completion of a bachelor’s degree with the appropriate prerequisites required by the Athletic Training Program.  Students will receive the MSAT degree after successfully completing all undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.

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Degrees: Bachelor's Degree (Any Major)
Master of Science in Athletic Training
Years to Complete 4+2
Preadmission Interview Yes (Shark Preview Competition Weekend)
Dual Admission Deadlines Fall: February 1
High School Requirements
GPA 3.5 weighted
ACT/SAT 25 composite ACT or 1220 total SAT. For SAT attempts prior to March 2016, a total score of 1150 is acceptable.
Student Type Day
Years Math
Years Science
Years English
Required Courses Biology*, Chemistry, and Pre-Calculus or Trigonomentry
Major / Course Reqs. Any bachelor's degree, prescribed program prerequisites will be communicated upon admission.
Cumulative GPA 3.0
Science GPA 3.0
Minimum Grade in Each Prerequisite Course C
Required Test Score GRE no less than a minimum of the mean of the prior year's class in each component.
Graduate Application Yes
Degree Required No
Credits Required 120

Transfer students are not eligible to apply to the Health and Medical Professions dual admission programs. Only students coming to NSU in the fall semester as freshmen first time in college applicants are eligible to apply.  

Calculation of cumulative and science GPA for the purpose of program eligibility for dual admission will not reflect the "grade forgiveness/repeated courses" policy, all grades for retaken courses will be included.

Please be advised that a student's initial course placement in mathematics, science or composition may impact the timing of the completion of all dual admission prerequisites and major courses, and could result in the need to take summer courses.

Final determination of admission into the professional program is at the discretion of the receiving college.

* Anatomy and Physiology, and Living Environment may be substituted for Biology