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Writing Resources

Writing Style Guides, Tools, and Tips

How to Succeed in Online Writing Courses

As you should do with all online courses, explore the course fully before it officially starts. Be sure to locate the course description and policies and the course schedule that lists readings and assignment and due dates. If your instructor uses the Blackboard calendar, be sure to look at that often. If your instructor does not use the calendar, make sure that you keep your own calendar so you don't lose track of due dates.

Use a current version of MS Word to compose your writing assignments and be sure to save all your assignments on a back-up disk, as well as on your hard drive.

Read your instructor's (and peers') comments on your papers diligently and do your best to incorporate these suggestions into your revisions. Ask questions when you do not understand.

When preparing writing assignments, be sure to follow your instructor's guidelines carefully. Remember, though you do not turn in a hard copy, a paper you do for an online class should look just as good as a paper you do for a ground-based class. Remember to run spell-check and proofread carefully.

Don't wait until the last minute to work on and turn in writing assignments. Unforeseen circumstances, like technical difficulties, often occur, and your instructor will likely deduct points for your grade for lateness, regardless of the reason.

For more information, please contact the Tutoring and Testing Center at (954) 262-8350. The Tutoring and Testing Center also offers free in-person writing tutoring. We are located on the second floor of the Student Affairs Building. You should not hesitate to use our services, especially if your instructor suggests it.