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SI Leaders

Marlee Mallat

Marlee Mallat
CHEM 2400

Hello! I am a Human Development and Family Studies major and a Spanish minor. I am a member of Ablaze, Pre-SOMA, Honors Student Advisory Board, Alpha Chi Honor Society, and the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. I’m from Jupiter, Florida. I wanted to be an SI Leader because I love Organic Chemistry.  This subject reveals to me so much of the beauty and organization of creation.  It's stigmatized as a difficult and uninteresting course, so students often have a defeatist attitude about it before they even start the class.  I believe, with a little guidance, others can enjoy Organic Chemistry the way I do and perform better in the class along the way. An interesting fact about me is that I was homeschooled for ten years, so I attribute all of my teaching ability to my mom!  Even now, I ask for her expert advice when I'm having a hard time presenting new material or planning a session.

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