Shark Preview

Shark Preview Premier Programs

Making the decision about where to attend college is all about fit. We would like to invite you to campus for three fun filled days to experience what it’s like to be a Shark.  At Shark Preview you have the opportunity to interact with faculty, and have questions answered by Undergraduate Admissions, Academic Advising, Residence Life and Housing, Financial Aid, and much more. You will also mingle with current student leaders and be able to attend campus events. New students will have the opportunity to interview for select programs and scholarships. 


NSU will host two types of Shark Preview Weekend experiences, one for students to interview for a premier program, and the other for admitted students. Come take a bite of NSU at Shark preview!

Shark Preview Interview Weekends for students—students participating in this weekend will be interviewing for one or more of the following elite programs: President’s Premier Scholarship, President’s Scholarship, Razor’s Edge (one of 5 tracks), Dual Admission, and to learn about the Farquhar Honors College. Students and parents will also have the opportunity to learn more about the strong academic programs, campus culture and student life offered at NSU. SEE DATES LISTED BELOW.

Shark Preview General Weekends for Students—students and parents participating in this weekend will have the opportunity to learn more about the strong academic programs, campus culture, and student life offered at NSU. There will be no interviews during these Shark Preview Weekends


See sample schedule

Available Programs

The Razor's Edge Leadership Program scholarship experience is designed for student leaders who will be entering college as first time in college freshmen. These students have already demonstrated a commitment to leading and to making an impact both in their schools and in their local communities. Participants must also have the desire to continuously improve their leadership abilities by learning about leadership in the classroom, by applying those lessons, and by taking on leadership roles on campus and beyond. Razor's Edge Leadership participants understand that leadership is not only about one's self, it's also about helping others achieve.

Requirements: Students who are highly involved in their high school and or local community with a demonstrated track record of leadership roles and responsibilities.  

Award amount: $10,000 ($5,500 tuition restricted, $4,000 campus housing, $500 meal plan) 


Allison Foster, Director of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement
(954) 262-7179

The Razor’s Edge Global Program scholarship is designed for domestic and international students entering college as first time freshmen who have a strong interest in global issues, international relations, global leadership, and cross-cultural understanding.  Participants in this innovative scholarship program must have a deep desire to continuously improve their global awareness and leadership skills by sharing their experiences with the NSU community; and in turn, make their contribution to the NSU’s overall goal of becoming a truly globalized community of international citizens. Upon completion of this 4-year program, Razor’s Edge-Global participants will demonstrate an understanding of what it is to be part of an ever evolving global society; and will be the true representatives of what NSU expects from its students: true global leaders changing the world one step at a time.

Requirements: Strong interest in global issues, international relations, and global leadership.

Award amount: $10,000 ($5,500 tuition restricted, $4,000 campus housing, $500 meal plan) 


Dr. Alejandra Parra, Office of International Students
(954) 262- 8674

The Razor’s Edge Research Program scholarship is an opportunity for first time college students who are interested in firsthand experiences with research and who are intrigued by scientific inquiry and problem solving. The successful Razor’s Edge Research student will complete research activities with Nova Southeastern University researchers in a variety of fields matched to the student’s interests.

Requirements: Evidence of strong interest in research, scholarly inquiry, and problem solving.

Award Amount: $10,000 ($5,500 tuition restricted, $4,000 campus housing, $500 meal plan) 


Nick Pasucci, Coordinator, Office of Institutional and Community Engagement
(954) 262-5393

The Razor’s Edge Shark Cage Scholarship program is for students interested in the development of business plans, the process of launching a business, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Similar to the popular television show “Shark Tank,” students will pitch a concept for a business or product to faculty in the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Selected students will minor in Entrepreneurship, enjoy unique faculty mentoring experiences, have access to Distinguished Lecturers, meet face-to-face with Executives in Residence, and have opportunities to intern in areas of their business interests.

Requirements: Interested in developing and launching a business that will benefit the greater university.

Award Amount: $5,000 ($2,500 tuition restricted, $2,000 campus housing, $500 meal plan)


Dr. Peter Finley, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
(954) 262-8115

The Razor’s Edge Shark Talent Performing and Visual Arts Leadership Program scholarship is designed for first time in college freshmen who have been active in community or high school arts programs and who are passionate about using the arts to bring people together. At NSU, these students will work with the NSU Improv troupe, the Mako Band, ArtSharks, or the Dance Ambassadors to cultivate leadership abilities in a creative and scholarly community. Experiences at NSU in the classroom, leading student arts organizations, and participating in workshops with arts leaders will develop students’ marketable skills including innovative interpersonal communication, project management, and creative inquiry.  Upon completion of the Shark Talent Program, student will be able to successfully lead collaborative arts projects and they will have completed performing or visual arts minor or major.  

Requirements: Active in community or high school arts programs.

Award Amount: $5,000 ($2,500 tuition restricted, $2,000 campus housing, $500 meal plan)


Dr. Bill Adams, Associate Professor Department of Performing and Visual Arts
(954) 262-8025

Students seeking unique, thought-provoking, and engaging learning experiences should consider applying to the Farquhar Honors College. Open to high-achieving undergraduate students, the Honors College offers unique seminars and courses, faculty mentoring, opportunities for research and creative projects, and a supportive community for motivated students in all majors. The Farquhar Honors College offers visiting distinguished speaker events, scholarship support, and other resources to all students.

Requirements: see

Award Amount: $500.00 (supplements other institutional awards); recognition of honors courses and honors citation on transcripts; faculty mentoring; supplemental financial support for study abroad


Don Rosenblum, Ph.D., Dean of the Farquhar Honors College
(954) 262-8402

The Dual Admission Program is designed for first-time freshmen who are focused on their post-graduation career goals and who are interested in securing a reserved seat in one of our participating NSU graduate and professional programs.   Students who are accepted into the university and meet the entry requirements for their preferred dual admission program may apply for dual admission status, which would allow them to transition into one of our highly selective health professions, law school, or one of several additional graduate programs in business, computer science, education, humanities , marine biology and psychology.  Our dual admission students will also have valuable opportunities to engage with their graduate or professional programs while they are pursuing their undergraduate degrees.   

Requirements: see

Award amount: Reserved seat in a graduate and/ or professional school and $200.00


Office of Undergraduate Admissions
(954) 262-8000

Dressing for the Weekend

Below are suggestions on how to dress at Shark Preview.

Thursday activity highlights include a campus tour and peer dinner. 

Friday will be an interview day and Honors College reception

Friday night you will be a VIP at Club Shark

Saturday we will host a closing ceremony

Dressing for your Interview

The safest look for both men and women is to dress business casual attire. 


A separate parent and family program will be offered simultaneously during the first and second day of the Shark Preview program.  Please encourage your family members to attend!  


Students have the option to stay on campus.  This option is only available on a first come first served basis. Student who choose to stay in the residence halls will be placed in a room with current students. No individual rooms are available.

Special accommodations have been made for families traveling to participate in the Shark Preview Premier Program weekend. For information on local hotels, as well as discounts on personal/leisure travel, please visit NSU’s Travel office website.