Are you an incoming commuter or transfer student and interested in getting involved?  Begin by connecting with yourPeer Leader!  Peer Leaders are trained undergraduate students, who serve as ambassadors for commuter and transfer students interested in getting involved.  Peer Leaders serve as a primary point of contact for students to provide general information and support about social, academic, and involvement aspects of university life.

Corey Burns Thomas Campbell  Sarah Erickson Greta Gubacsi Cory Hoffman

Corey Burns
Biology, Class of 2017
Winter Park, FL

Thomas Campbell
Legal Studies, Class of 2015
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sarah Erickson,
Exercise and Sport Science, Class of 2015
Bridgeport, CT

Greta Gubacsi
Legal Studies, Class of 2015
Budapest, Hungary

Cory Hoffman
Biology, Class of 2014
Pearl River, NY

 Sujay Kamisetty Danny McFadden Karan Patel  Tair Dar Perl Julian Pino

Sujay Kamisetty
Biology, Class of 2017
Tampa, FL

Danny McFadden
Legal Studies, Class of 2015
Chesterfield, VA

Karan Patel
Biology, Class of 2016
Melbourne, FL

LegTair Dar Perl
Psychology, Class of 2015
Tel Aviv, Israel

Julian Pino
Psychology, Class of 2016
Pembroke Pines, FL

Katie Pope Nicolas Reyes

Katie Pope
Biology, Class of 2015
Louisville, KY

Nicolas Reyes
International Business, Class of 2016
Bogota, Columbia