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Multimedia Camp Tracks

Digital Media

The Digital Arts track of NSU’s Multimedia Camp is for all creative teens (of any technical skill level) who are interested in visual storytelling and having fun. Four action-packed days are planned to engage students in 100% hands-on experiential activities.

Some of these activities include learning the basics of graphic design; photo, image, and video editing; camera operation; stop motion animation; and creative storytelling. Campers will use Adobe Creative Suite and native applications while working on a Mac platform. Teamwork is encouraged as campers will work together to produce a project during the four days that will cumulate into a digital art masterpiece.

While the primary focus is digital arts, classic summer camp activities will be mixed throughout. Parents and family members will have an opportunity to view artwork at the camp showcase on the last day of camp. Campers are encouraged to bring their imagination, creativity, and their own laptop (if they have one).

Film Making

Robert's filmmaking course will stress the importance of understanding character and motivation when it comes to crafting compelling films. He will lead students through the filmmaking process, from conception through post-production. Acting as a collective, students will assume a variety of roles, participating as actors, writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors, as they complete a short film.  

Music Production

NSU Multimedia Camp students on the Music Production track will learn how to record, edit and mix digital music using Garageband as well as be exposed to other music production software. Students will also explore the process of making digital music which include essential music-production concepts like songwriting, arranging, and film scoring. In addition, students will create and modify sounds, and make their own drum loops and bass lines.

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