Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars Program


The curriculum of the Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars program provides students with the opportunity to continue the development of their leadership skills which will help them to success in their future. The philosophy and approach of Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars program focuses on the development of student leadership through both inside and outside of the classroom.  As a result, the students aid in further developing the Nova Southeastern University undergraduate community. 

The program has three tenets, To Learn, To Lead, To Achieve – and we ask students to live up to these three areas by learning about leadership in the classroom, applying their learned leadership in practice within student organizations and leadership roles, and achieve both academically and through their leadership.

Inside the classroom, students participate in courses throughout their college career that are both with their cohort and are within an approved list of courses. Each academic year students spend a minimum of one course with their cohort. Upon completion of the Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars curriculum, students graduate with a leadership certificate which is indicated on their transcript.

Outside the classroom is where the students put their learned leadership methodologies to practice. With progressive leadership expectations beginning from their first semester on campus, students are engaged in organizations, connecting with other students, and leading the way within our campus community.