Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars Program


Students in the Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars Program develop their ability to inspire other students throughout the NSU community and work together with a common goal to further campus vibrancy. The skills are developed through both curricular and co-curricular experiences as they learn new information about themselves, the community, and leading others. As a result of their learning, the students in turn reflect and refine their leadership approach with the final goal of increasing overall engagement at NSU. These students leave the program as high-performing leaders with great knowledge of their own leadership capacities and the ability to inspire others. The students within the program receive intentional focused time from program faculty and staff.

The Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars Program is based on the following seven values: Dedication, Enthusiasm, Leadership, Honor, Innovation, Inspiration, and Service. The three tenets of the program are: To Learn, To Lead, To Achieve.

Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars Program is a four-year curricular and co-curricular experience for first time in college students and includes the following components:

Program Goals:


Students in the Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars Program commit to membership in the program for four years, living on campus throughout their four years, serving as a Shark Anchor, and to completing all additional programmatic requirements as stated on the Memorandum of Understanding including mandatory event attendance.  As a result, students are awarded as $20,000 annual scholarship renewable for up to four years or until they receive their undergraduate degree.