Razor's Edge Program

Current Students

Access to resources and communication regarding the Razor's Edge Leadership Program are available through OrgSync. Click here for more information.

With its intentional design, the Razor's Edge Program asks students to be involved and put their leadership learned in the classroom to practice. Current students have done so, and are involve in a variety of ways at NSU! A benefit of being involved is the application of leadership during time with Razor's Edge and the translation of these experiences into practice when they enter the real world. The involvement of the students ranges from fraternities and sororities to registered student organizations, and community service projects. The following are organizations that Razor's Edge students are not only involved, but also leading:

Ablaze • Alpha Kappa Psi • Alpha Phi Omega • American Association of University Women (AAUW) • Athletic Training Student Organization (ATSO) • Beta Theta Pi Fraternity • Community Action Using Student Empowerment (C.A.U.S.E.) • Catholic Life • Cross Country • Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority • Fellowship of Christian Athletes • Hillel • Interfraternity Council (IFC) • Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc. • NSU Cheerleading • NSU Mock Trial • Orientation Team • Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity • Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority • President's 64 • Psychology Club • Relay for Life • Rotaract • S.E.A. Board • Sharkcorps • Sharkettes • Sigma Delta Tau Sorority • Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) • Student Government Association • Students Working For Equal Rights (S.W.E.R.) • Up Til Dawn • Women's Soccer • Wrestling Club

Each month, one of our student staff members, Tam Nguyen, provides us a leadership lesson on behalf of the program – typically that lesson comes right from his experience on campus. Read the Razor's Edge blog.

Within the Razor’s Edge program there are a variety of ways students get involved to continue to grow and develop the program.  In the past year, we have developed a Leadership Team of students from the program that serve as either representative from their class, or oversee a committee within the program (committees range from Peer Review Board, Service, Application Review, and Speakers Bureau & Recruitment). These students come together regularly to talk about current leadership within Razor’s Edge, future development of the program, and how to best develop programs that meet the needs of their classmates.  Staff and faculty take feedback from the Leadership Team to aid in creating a program that pushes students to the next level and is developed to meet the needs of the students.

The Peer Review Board serves as a support mechanism for students within the program and aids in reviewing involvement of current students. Each student in the program must meet the involvement and leadership requirements of the program and semester report on their experience. This committee aids in supporting students that may need assistance in finding an organization or involvement role that aligns with their passions. 

Within the Razor’s Edge program service is one of our core values. Students within the program participate in program wide service or complete their own service hours. The Service Chair serves as the leader selecting and coordinate Razor’s Edge specific days of service.

The Application Review Team serves as the group of students within the program that directly aid in reviewing the applicants of potential students to the program. These students know what it takes to be in the program and aid in screening candidates to ensure that the best candidates move forward in our process. 

When learning about the Razor’s Edge program, applicants always enjoy speaking with current students that know the day in and day out of the Razor’s Edge program. The students vibrantly share what leadership experiences they have, and what they are learning from their involvement and academic courses.  The Speakers Bureau is the group of dedicated recruiters for the Razor’s Edge program. Ask these students about Razor’s Edge, their involvement, the application process, and how to succeed- they will give you the answers!