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Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars Program

Program Creed and Values

Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholars Program was developed not only focused on curricular and co-curricular leadership, but also with values in mind. The program utilizes the following Creed as general expectations for the program: 

I will honor my instructors
I will engage in the curriculum
I will make learning to lead my quest 

I will make an impact
I will be dedicated to the success of others
I will change NSU for the better by my leadership

I will contribute more than I collect
I will serve by leading and lead by serving
I will do and be my best every day and all the time

The program also focuses on the following seven values. The values were developed and selected by the Alpha class (the first class of the Razor’s Edge Leadership Program) during their first year within the program.  The values are:

We have also translated the core tenants into the expectations and experience within the program: 

To Learn

Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars participants will gain a Certificate of Leadership upon successful completion of the program. This involves 16 curricular credits earned through a combination of one-credit seminars and three-credit classes, during a four-year period.

To Lead

Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars participants will immerse themselves in the co-curricular components of the program by living on campus and taking on programmatic, student organization and, eventually, campus leadership roles. Participants will take monthly seminars and have other opportunities as they progress through the program.

To Achieve

Razor's Edge Leadership Scholars participants are expected to be agents of change:

  • Leading campus organizations
  • Working with senior campus leaders and administrators
  • Participating in significant service projects
  • Acting as mentors to younger students
  • Facilitating leadership workshops