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Individual Papers

How to Use Applied Qualitative Methods to Design Drug Use Interventions

Qualitative Research Methods in Drug Abuse and AIDS Prevention Research

Analyzing Social Capital in Context: A Guide to Using Qualitative Methods and Data
Nora Dudwick, Kathleen Kuehnast, Veronica Nyhan Jones, and Michael Woolcock

The McMaster Occupational Therapy Evidence-based Practice Group
Qualitative Review Guidelines
Qualitative Review Form

University of Southern California Health Sciences Evidence Based Decision Making
Guide to Reading Research Articles
Making Sense of the Qualitative Literature
Guidelines for Critical Review of Qualitative Studies

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) 10 Questions to Help You Make Sense of Qualitative Research

'Rigour', 'ethical integrity' or 'artistry'? Reflexively reviewing criteria for evaluating qualitative research by Linda Finlay

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) Qualitative Research and Health Working Group Criteria for Evaluating Qualitative Studies

A User's Guide to Qualitative Research in Health Care
Mita Giacomini and Deborah J. Cook
Evidence Based Medicine Working Group

The Delphi Method: Techniques and Applications
Edited by
Harold A. Linstone and Murray Turoff

FOOTPRINTS: Strategies for Non-Traditional Program Evaluation
Edited by
Joy A. Frechtling

Workshop on Scientific Foundations of Qualitative Research
Charles C. Ragin, Joane Nagel, and Patricia White
National Science Foundation
This report is a summary of the proceedings of the Scientific Foundations of Qualitative Research workshop held at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia, July 11-12, 2003.

Workshop on Interdisciplinary Standards for Systematic Qualitative Research
National Science Foundation's Cultural Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, and Law and Social Sciences Programs
This workshop represents a first step in addressing the lack of shared standards for qualitative research that cross disciplinary boundaries and will help to facilitate the sharing of research and contribute to a greater appreciation and understanding of research conducted by social scientists with different methodological standards of excellence.

Educational Research: Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods
R. Burke Johnson and Larry Christensen
University of South Alabama

Quality in Qualitative Evaluation: A Framework for Assessing Research Evidence--A Quality Framework
Liz Spencer, Jane Ritchie, Jane Lewis and Lucy Dillon
National Centre for Social Research

The 2002 User Friendly Handbook for Project Evaluation
Joy Frechtling with a special section by Henry Frierson, Stafford Hood, and Gerunda Hughes
(National Science Foundation Publication)

Qualitative research for improved health programs: A guide to manuals for qualitative and participatory research on child health, nutrition, and reproductive health
Peter J. Winch, Jennifer A. Wagman, Rebecca A. Malouin, & Garrett L. Mehl

An Introduction to Qualitative Research
Beverley Hancock

Action Research: A Systematic Review and Guidance for Assessment (2001)
Health Technololgy Assessment Programme, 5(23)
H. Waterman, D. Tillen, R. Dickson, and K. de Koning

From How to Why: On Luminous Description and Causal Inference in Ethnography; Part 1,

From How to Why: On Luminous Description and Causal Inference in Ethnography; Part 2,

Analytic Induction and Ethnography's Warrants
Jack Katz
(Jack's Home Page)

Applying ethnography in the analysis and support of expertise in engineering design by Linden J. Ball and Thomas C. Ormerod

Introduction to Grounded Theory
Stephen P. Borgatti
Boston College
(Stephen's Home Page)

NHMRC Human Research Ethics Handbook
National Health and Medical Research Council

Qualitative Research Issues and Methods: An Introduction for Educational Technologists
Wilhelmina C. Savenye (Arizona State University) and Rhonda S. Robinson (Northern Illinois University)

Ethics in Qualitative Research: Searching for Practice Guidelines
Mirjam Knapik
University of Calgary

Phenomenographic Research: An Annotated Bibliography (3rd Ed.)
Christine Bruce and Rod Gerber

Qualitative Research
Writing Qualitative Research Proposals
Joan Bottorff
Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre

The Internet as a Medium for Qualitative Research
Patsy Clarke
University of Natal

Some Thoughts on Publishing Qualitative Research
Michael G. Pratt
University of Illinois
2000 Research Methods Forum - Volume 5
Research Methods Division
Academy of Management

Research to Practice: Guidelines for Planning Action Research Projects
Nancy Padak and Gary Padak
Ohio Literacy Resource Center

How to Do Ethnographic Research: A Simplified Guide
Barbara Hall
Public Interest Anthropology
The University of Pennsylvania

Qualitative Research Methods: An Essay Review
Les McLean, Margaret Myers, Carol Smillie, & Dale Vaillancourt
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto Volume 5, Number 13 - June 10, 1997
Education Policy Analysis Archives

Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches in Program Evaluation
Vijayendra Rao & Michael Woolcock

Areas of Consideration when Developing and Presenting Qualitative Research Posters
Cynthia Russell
The University of Tennessee
(Cynthia's Home Page)

Exploring the Future of the Digital Divide through Ethnographic Futures Research
Volume 7, Number 11 - November 4, 2002
First Monday: Peer-Reviwed Journal on the Internet
Matthew M. Mitchell

An Introduction to Qualitative Research
John Schostak
Enquiry Learning Unit
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Using NVIVO for Your Literature Review
Learning How to Use Qualitative Analysis Software Packages
Silvana di Gregorio, PhD
SdG Associates

A Schema for Evaluating Evidence on Public Health Interventions Version 4
Lucie Rychetnik and Michael Frommer
National Public Health Partnership
University of Sydney
(Includes Supplementary Guide 5: Appraising qualitative studies)

Guidelines for Critical Review Form for Qualitative Studies
M. Law, D. Stewart, L. Letts, N. Pollock, J. Bosch, & M. Westmorland
from McMaster University Occupational Therapy Evidence-Based Practice Research Group

Qualitative Research in Social Work
Tomofumi Oka and Ian Shaw

Qualitative Methods In Health Health Research: Opportunities and Considerations In Application and Review
Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research
National Institutes of Health

Some Reflections on the Current State of Qualitative Research
Martyn Hammersley
Naivete and Bias in Educational Research : The Tooley Report
Phil Hodkinson
Research Intelliegence

The Body Matrix: A Phenomenological Exploration of Student Bodies On-line
(PDF Version)
Paulette Robinson
Towson University

Choosing Qualitative Research: A Primer for Technology Education Researchers
Journal of Technology Education
Volume 9, Number 1 - Fall 1997
Dr. Marie Hoepfl
Appalachian State University
Department of Technology

Qualitative Methods in Drug Abuse and HIV Research
NIDA Research Monograph, Number 157 (1995)

Elizabeth Y. Lambert, Rebecca S. Ashery, & Richard H. Needle, Editors

Qualitative Inquiry in Psychotherapy: Research on the Common Factors
Paul Maione & Ronald Chenail
Nova Southeastern University
(Originally published in M. A. Hubble, B. L. Duncan, & S. D. Miller (Eds.), The Heart and Soul of Change: The Role of Common Factors in Psychotherapy (1999). (pp. 57-88). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press)

Qualitative Research Methods in Health Technology Assessment: A Review of the Literature
Elizabeth Murphy, Robert Dingwall, David Greatbatch, Susan Parker, & Pamela Watson
Health Technology Assessment, 2(16), 1998

Codebook Development for Team-Based Qualitative Analysis
Kathleen M. MacQueen
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta,
Eleanor McLellan
TRW, Inc., Atlanta &
Kelly Kay and Bobby Milstein
CDC, Atlanta
(Originally published in Cultural Anthropology Methods, 10(2), pp. 31-36)

CDC EZ-Text: Software for Management and Analysis of Semistructured Qualitative Data Sets
James W. Carey,
Patrick H. Wenzel,
Cindy Reilly,
John Sheridan &
Jill M. Steinberg
(Originally published in Cultural Anthropology Methods, 10(1), pp. 14-20)

Intercoder Agreement in Analysis of Responses to Open-Ended Interview Questions: Examples from Tuberculosis Research
James W. Carey
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta,
Mark Morgan
1310 N. Lake Drive, Canton, GA 30115 &
Margaret J. Oxtoby
New York State Department of Health
(Originally published in Cultural Anthropology Methods, 8(3), pp. 1-5).

Water is to Chocolate like Story is to Qualitative Research:
Questioning Credibility and Narrative Studies

Nancie Burns-McCoy
University of Idaho
The Journal of Critical Pedagogy

Qualitative Methods Workbook
George Boeree
Shippensburg University
(George's Home Page)

Being At-Risk:
The Communication of Social Support in Ninth Grade

Patrick Daniel Cavanaugh, Jr.
The University of Texas at Austin
( Dan's Home Page)

The Society for Organizational Learning

Using Qualitative Research Methods to Explore the Extension/Judicial Partnership in Indiana
Mary Pilat
Purdue University
Journal of Extension

Getting the Seats of Your Pants Dirty:
Strategies for Ethnographic Research on Virtual Communities

Luciano Paccagnella
University of Milan
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Methodological Issues in Conversation Analysis, In the presence of data: Conversation-analysis as 'empirical philosophy'
Current trends in Qualitative Medical Sociology:
Some recent studies from the Netherlands

Paul ten Have
(Paul's Home Page)

Analyzing words in brief descriptions:
Fathers and mothers describe their children

Gery Ryan and Thomas Weisner
University of California-Los Angeles
Anthropological Research and the Freedom of Information Act
David H. Price
St. Martin's College
Animated Images:
A New Tool for Web-Based Anthropology

Glenn Davis Stone
Washington University
Allen Johnson
CAM: Cultural Anthropology Methods

Using Qualitative Research Methods in Nursing
Carol Marrow
University College of St Martins Education Centre, Furness
Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Phenomenological Exploration
Sarah Ryan
Haywood Hospital, Stoke on Trent
Nursing Standard Online
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Brenda Dervin's Sense-Making Collection
Brenda Dervin
Ohio State University
(Brenda Dervin's Home Page)

Towards an Analysis of Multi-Party Discourse
(PDF Version)
Robert Malouf
Stanford University
(Robert Malouf's Home Page)

Supports for Community Living: A Case Study
Rannveig Traustadottir
Syracuse University's Center on Human Policy

Global participant observation from the Australian periphery:
Space/time compression and its implications for qualitative research

Mark Jackson
Latrobe University Bendigo

An Alternative Dissertation Research Model
Donna M. Mertens
Gallaudet University

Methodes et techniques d'enquete en sciences sociales: Un guide bibliographique (1970-1990)
Guy Bedard, Micheline Doiron et Lawrence Olivier
Universite du Quebec at Montreal

Vile Bodies--A Mental Machination
Stephen A. Tyler
Rice University
(Stephen A. Tyler's Home Page)

Physics Teachers as Action Researchers
Allan Feldman
University of Massachusetts at Amherst
(Allan Feldman's Home Page)

Conceptual and Analysis Criteria:
A Process for Identifying Quality Educational Research

Mary K. Ducharme, Barbara L. Licklider, William A. Matthes, & Rachel A. Vannatta
The FINE Foundation

A Structured Approach to Presenting Phd Theses:
Notes for Candidates and Their Supervisors

Chad Perry
University of Queensland

Computer-Mediated Groups: A Study of a Culture in Usenet
Holly Patterson
Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi
(Holly Patterson's Home Page)

Motivational Research
Focus Groups and the American Dream
Jerry W. Thomas
To Focus Group, or Not To Focus Group?
Bruce Crandall
Decision Analyst, Inc.
(Decision Analyst, Inc.'s Home Page)

A Story of the [Re]Construction of a Research Setting for a
Ethnographical Study of Accounting Practices in an Indonesian Listed Company

Eddy R. Rasyid
Andalas University
Michael JR Gaffikin
Wollongong University
The 4th Critical Perspectives on Accounting Symposium:
Critique and Accounting Change

Researching a city's faiths
-- methodological notes from the coalface

Michel Clasquin
The University of South Africa

The Ethnographer/Tourist in Indonesia
Edward M. Bruner
The University of Illinois

A Study of Americans Abroad and the Case of Americans in México
Mary Alcocer Berriozabal
La Universidad de las Américas-Puebla
(Mary Alcocer Berriozabal's Home Page)

Shared Blessings as Ethnographic Practice
Ann Grodzins Gold
Syracuse University

Designing NewsMaker: Ethnographic Methods Applied in Elementary School
Michele Evard & Noah Breslow
MIT Media Lab
L. Mark Kortekaas
NBC Desktop News

Ethnography of Adaptation:
Ethnographic Study of Japanese Sojourners
in Butte County California

Erik Anthony Kassebaum
California State University, Chico
(Erik's Homepage)

Going Beyond Default:
Constructing Alternative Families

A Virtual Ethnography by
Jennifer Lawrence
The University of Iowa
(Jennifer Lawrence's Home Page)

Collected Papers on Technomethodology and Other Aspects of the Sociology of Technology
Barry A. T. Brown
Glasgow University
(Barry's Home Page)

Creating Organizational Cultures:
An Ethnographic Study

Elizabeth Randall Moore
The Fielding Institute
The Eastern Academy of Management's (EAM)
Virtual Proceedings

An empirical study of professional software designers' use of scenarios
Tove Klausen & Annette Aboulafia

Toward a Public Lane on the Information Superhighway:
A Media Performance Analysis of the Community-Wide Education
and Information Service Initiative

Philip A. Thompsen
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
(Philip A. Thompsen's Home Page)

Alternative Perspectives in Environmental Education Research:
Paradigm of Critically Reflective Inquiry

Paul Hart
The University of Regina, Canada

Reviewing a Manuscript for Publication
Allen S. Lee
The University of Cincinnati
(Allen Lee's Home Page)

The Knowledge Base:
An online hypertext textbook on applied social research methods

Bill Trochim
Cornell University
(Bill Trochim's Home Page)

The Sin of Omission--Punishable by Death to Internal Validity:
An Argument for Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods to Strengthen Internal Validity

A Resource by
Kathryn A. Bowen
Cornell University

What Is the Nature of the Relationship Horticulture Educators Have With Plants?
Prudence Merton
Texas A & M University

Courseware Projects in Advanced Educational Computing Environments
Computational Support of the Qualitative Research Process
Mary E. Hopper
(Mary Hopper's Home Page)
(Under Construction)

Subject: talk.to/reflect - reflection and practice in nurses computer-mediated communications
Peter Murray
Chester College School of Nursing & Midwifery
Nursing the Internet:
A Case Study of Nurses' Use of Computer-Mediated Communications

Peter J. Murray
Chester College School of Nursing & Midwifery
(Peter Murray's Home Page)

An Overview of Four Futures Methodologies
(Delphi, Environmental Scanning, Issues Managment and Emerging Issue Analysis)

Trudi Lang
The University of Hawaii

Tightening The Network in Maine:
Collecting Life Stories

Mary Ann McGarry
The University of Maine at Machias

Alternative Paradigms in Environmental Education Research:
The Interpretive Perspective (1993)

Diane C. Cantrell
The Ohio State University

Using Qualitative Research to Understand the Nature of Virtual Culture in Education
Gary Shank
Northern Illinois University

Archaeology in Cyberspace--An Ethnography of an Electronic Discussion Group: ARCH-L
Heidi Schultz
Journal of World Anthropology

Virtual Reality: Reflections of Life, Dreams, and Technology An Ethnography of a Computer Society
Michael S. Rosenberg

Phenomenological Anthropology
Charles Laughlin
Carleton University

Shouting in the Streets: Popular Culture, Values and the New Ethnography
(Part III)

Andrew Lovatt & Jon Purkis
Manchester Metropolitan University
(Andrew Lovatt's Home Page)

Women's Work Choices: An Ethnography
Sharon Boehlefeld
Northern Illinois University

La Methode Ethnographique
La Phenomenologie sociale et L'ethnomethodologie
présentée par
Georges Lapassade

The Behavior Settings of Network Literacy:
A Framework for Generalization from Anecdotal Evidence in Qualitative Research about Computer-Mediated Communication?

Tony Scott
The Ohio State University

Interacting with Complex Work Environments:
A Field Study and a Planning Model

Yan Xiao
The University of Maryland at Baltimore
Capturing and Modeling Planning Expertise in Anesthesiology: Results of a Field Study
Yan Xiao, Paul Milgram and D. John Doyle
(Yan Xian's Home Page)

EC01: An Introduction to Critical Theory and Action Research for Physics Educators
Daniel L. MacIsaac
SUNY-Buffalo State College
(Dan's Home Page)

QUALIDATA Resource Centre
Louise Corti

Archiving Qualitative Research Data
Louise Corti, Janet Foster & Paul Thompson

Quantitative "Versus" Qualitative Research: The Wrong Question
Hope Olson
University of Alberta
(Hope Olson's Home Page)

Sensemaking in Networked Learning Environments:
A Dissertation Proposal

Mary Lynn Rice-Lively
The University of Texas at Austin
(Mary Lynn Rice-Lively's Home Page)

The Prisoner as Ethnographer
Robert Gaucher

The Reflexive Nexus: Photo-practice and Natural History
Lena Jayyusi

Persistent Images: Photographic Archives in Ethnographic Collections
Alison Devine Nordstrom

Use of Communication Resources in a Networked Collaborative Design Environment
Geri Gay & Marc Lentini
Cornell University

Abduction? Deduction? Induction? Is there a Logic of Exploratory Data Analysis?
Misconceived Relationships Between Logical Positivism and Quantitative Research
Chong Ho Yu
Arizona State University

The Experts of Everyday Life
Cultural Reproduction And Cultural Critique In The Antelope Valley

Jennifer C. Cool
University Of Southern California
(Jenny Cool's Home Page)

The Internet and Usenet Global Computer Networks
Tim North
Curtin University of Technology
(Tim North's Home Page)

Braille Usage:
Perspectives of Legally Blind Adults and Policy Implications for School Administrators

Frederic K. Schroeder
The National Federation of the Blind

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Collections of Papers, Posters, and Abstracts

Qualitative Research Methods: A Data Collector's Field Guide by Natasha Mack, Cynthia Woodsong, Kathleen M. MacQueen, Greg Guest, and Emily Namey

Moving Beyond Effectiveness in Evidence Synthesis: Methodological Issues in the Synthesis of Diverse Sources of Evidence, Editor: Jennie Popay

RITS Special Issue, Spring 2006, 13(1): New Directions in Mixed Methods Research Guest Editor, R. Burke Johnson

Newsletter from Centre of Qualitative Research
Centre of Qualitative Research

The Society for Organizational Learning

User-Friendly Handbook for Mixed Method Evaluations
Edited by
Joy Frechtling, Laure Sharp, & Weststat
National Science Foundation

Alternative Methods for Collecting Evaluation Data
The University of Arizona
Institute for Children, Youth and Families

Social Analysis: Selected Tools and Techniques
Richard A. Krueger, Mary Anne Casey, Jonathan Donner, Stuart Kirsch, & Jonathan N. Maack
Paper Number 36 - June 2001
Social Development Papers
The World Bank

Qualitative Tools for Multimethod Research

Qualitative Research: Telephone Focus Groups, Face-to-Face Focus Groups
A colection of papers from Market Navigation, Inc.

Qualitative Research in Health Care (2nd ed.)
Edited by
Catherine Pope and Nicholas Mays

Selected papers from the BMJ: British Medical Journal


Why do qualitative research?
Roger Jones

Qualitative Research: Rigour and qualitative research
Nicholas Mays and Catherine Pope

Qualitative Research: Case study evaluation
Justin Keen and Tim Packwood

Qualitative Research: Introducing focus groups
Jenny Kitzinger

Qualitative Research: Reaching the parts other methods cannot reach: An introduction to qualitative methods in health and health services research
Catherine Pope and Nick Mays

Qualitative Research: Observational methods in health care settings
Nicholas Mays and Catherine Pope

Qualitative Research: Consensus methods for medical and health services research
Jeremy Jones and Duncan Hunter

Qualitative Research: Qualitative interviews in medical research
Nicky Britten


How to read a paper: Papers that go beyond numbers (qualitative research)
Trisha Greenhalgh and Rod Taylor


Qualitative research and evidence based medicine
Judith Green and Nicky Britten


Qualitative research in health care: Assessing quality in qualitative research
Nicholas Mays and Catherine Pope

Qualitative research in health care: Analysing qualitative data
Catherine Pope, Sue Ziebland, and Nicholas Mays

Qualitative research in health care: Using qualitative methods in health related action research
Julienne Meyer

Ethnography and Health Care
Jan Savage


Checklists for improving rigour in qualitative research: A case of the tail wagging the dog?
Rosaline S Barbour

Ethical issues in qualitative research on internet communities
Gunther Eysenbach and James E Till

Qualitative research in systematic reviews
Mary Dixon-Woods and Ray Fitzpatrick


Anthropology in health research: From qualitative methods to multidisciplinarity
Helen Lambert and Christopher McKevitt


Electronic Journal of Sociology

Information Systems To Support Academic Research - Project Summary
David Squires, Derek Law, Christine Barry, Tania Funston, & Alan Edis
Kings College London

Semiotics for Beginners
Daniel Chandler
The Media and Communication Studies Site

Kenneth J. Gergen's Home Page

Journal of Research on Computing in Education
Volume 28, Number 5
Special Issue on Technology and Qualitative Research

Guest Editor
Diane McGrath
Kansas State University
(Diane McGrath's Home Page)

Interpretive Research
Martin Packer
(Martin Packer's Home Page)

Ethnographic Studies of Communication and Culture on the Internet
Brenda Danet
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
(Brenda Danet's Home Page)

Alternate Paradigms in Enviromental Education
edited by
Rick Mrazek
The University of Lethbridge

Proceedings from the Annual Ethnographic and Qualitative Research in Education Conferences

Howard Becker's Home Page

Corpus occasionnels de textes d'Ethnom‚thodologie

International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education

Progress: Family Systems Research and Therapy
The Journal of the Phillips Graduate Institute
(Page Under Construction)

Qualitative Data Analysis Resources of Q.S.R.

Papers from the Society of the Study of Symbolic Interaction

Papers from QualPage

The University of Georgia's Qualitative Interest Group (QUIG)
Conference Archives

Bob Dick's Action Research Database

UCLA's Institute for Social Science Research ISSR Web

Social Research Update

Post-Methodology? New Directions for Research Methodologies in the Social Sciences
Edited by
Roland Tormey, Anne Good & Carol MacKeogh

The Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing's Ethnographics Gallery of the University of Kent

Sociological Research Online

The Qualitative Report of Nova Southeastern University

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