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Starting with Volume 3, we added a new feature to The Qualitative Report called "Practicing Qualitative Research." This section of the journal includes shorter pieces in which the author(s) present exercises, activities, and techniques for qualitative researchers to try. The goal of this section is to provide practitioners and teachers of qualitative research with an array of practical, hands-on activities through which they or their students can hone their skills and improve their practice of and thinking about qualitative research.

Contributors to "Practicing Qualitative Research" can submit their work to The Qualitative Report by sending their paper as an email attachment to


Previous Practicing Qualitative Research Papers

Interviewing Exercises: Lessons from Family Therapy
by Ronald J. Chenail

Keeping Things Plumb in Qualitative Research
by Ronald J. Chenail

Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Sports Fan Research
by Ian Jones

Constant Comparison Method: A Kaleidoscope of Data
by Jane F. Dye, Irene M. Schatz, Brian A. Rosenberg, & Susanne T. Coleman

Navigating the "Seven C's": Curiosity, Confirmation, Comparison, Changing, Collaborating, Critiquing, and Combinations
by Ronald J. Chenail

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