Living Documents
of the
The Qualitative Report

Contributors to The Qualitative Report can engage in a process known as "Living Documents" (Ives & Jarvenpaa, 1996) with their published works in the pages of the journal. In the "Living Documents" approach to writing, authors can nurture their published works and cultivate them as new developments arise within the scope of the paper, as hyperlinked resources located in the paper are updated or changed, and/or as the author's thinking evolves on the topic. Authors wishing to participate in this living scholarship approach with any of their writing in The Qualitative Report need only to email the editor and the process of enlivening the text can ensue.


      Ives, B., & Jarvenpaa, S. L. (1996, Spring). Will the Internet revolutionize business education and research? Sloan Management Review, 37(3), 33-41.

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