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Volume 3, Number 26 - June 28, 2010

Ronald J. Chenail
Robin Cooper, Managing Editor | Monica Tobin, Production Editor

ISSN 1945-2853

The Qualitative Report Article of the Week

Teaching Experiences of African American Educators in the Rural South

Ellene Polidore
Goals Complete Consulting, Dallas, Texas USA

Stacey L. Edmonson and John R. Slate
Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, Texas, USA

NSU Graduate QR Certificate Online

Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research is a six course, 18 credit hour online program that prepares its graduates to conduct basic and applied qualitative research. Admission for Fall Courses is now open.

Qualitative Research in the News

The Weekly Review

Review of Carolyn Ellis' Book, Revision: Autoethnographic Reflections of Life and Work

Camille Sutton-Brown
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Qualitative Research Resource of the Week

ActionResearch.net: Jack Whitehead's web site features a wealth of information on master's and doctoral students' action research writings as well as full-text examples of Jack's own work including his "Living Educational Theory Approach" to action research.

The Qualitative Report Second Annual Conference

The TQR Second Annual Conference will feature two plenaries, "Anthrotherapy: Reflections of Research and Clinical Work" by Khawla Abu-Baker and "A Dance of Transparencies: Researching Identity and Identifying Researchers" by Ronald Chenail. The two day event will also offer attendees the opportunity to participate in one of four interactive workshops: "Flash Research Writing" by Maureen Duffy and Laurie Charlés; "Exploring Methods for Exploring Identity: Biographical Narrative and Phenomenological Research" by Karen Wilson Scott and Robin Cooper; "Getting Published: Journey into a Relationship between Editor and Author" by Sally St. George, Paige Averett, and Dan Wulff; and "Applied Qualitative Research Boot Camp" by Ron Chenail. For more information on these presentations please visit the Preliminary Program which also includes hotel and site information, and the preliminary schedule or email us at tqr@nova.edu.

New Calls for Conferences and Journals, Training Opportunities, Funding

New and Notable Qualitative Research Articles: Applied Qualitative Research

  • Bishop, C., & Hilhorst, D. (2010). From food aid to food security: The case of the Safety Net policy in Ethiopia. The Journal of Modern African Studies, 48(2), 181-202. Abstract
  • Blackman, T., & Dunstan, K. (2010). Qualitative comparative analysis and health inequalities: Investigating reasons for differential progress with narrowing local gaps in mortality. Journal of Social Policy, 39(3), 359-373. Abstract
  • Machizawa, S., & Lau, D. T. (2010). Psychological needs of Japanese American elders: Implications for culturally competent interventions. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 25(2), 183-197. Abstract
  • Spalding, M., & Khalsa, P. (2010). Aging matters: Humanistic and transpersonal approaches to psychotherapy with elders with dementia. The Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 50(2), 142-174. Abstract
  • Wagemann, C., & Schneider, C. Q. (2010). Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) and fuzzy-sets: Agenda for a research approach and a data analysis technique. Comparative Sociology, 9(3), 376-396. Abstract

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