The Weekly Qualitative Report

ISSN 1945-2853

Volume 1, Number 9

December 1, 2008



The Qualitative Report Article of the Week


Conceptualizing from the Inside: Advantages, Complications,
and Demands on Insider Positionality 

Christina Chavez
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona USA



The Weekly Review


“No-Drama Obama,” Personal Memoirs, Bestsellers, and Qualitative Research: A Review

Maureen Duffy
Private Practice/Consulting, Miami Shores, Florida USA



Qualitative Research Resource of the Week


The United Kingdom’s Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM): The NCRM network  conducts research and training in social science research methods. Resources include the EPrints Repository which includes  NCRM’s Typology.


Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research


Learning to Appraise the Quality of Qualitative Research Articles: A Contextualized Learning Object for Constructing Knowledge

Ronald J. Chenail
Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA


NSU Announces New Online Graduate

Qualitative Research Certificate Program


The NSU Graduate Qualitative Research Certificate Program consists of eight three-credit hour online courses designed to prepare academics, professional research consultants, and graduate students to understand a variety of qualitative research approaches and to conduct qualitative research studies.

New Calls for Conference Papers, Proposals, and Abstracts and Training Opportunities


·         The 10th Advances in Qualitative Methods (AQM) Conference - Initial Announcement

·         The 15th Qualitative Health Research (QHR) Conference 2009 - Initial Announcement

New and Notable Qualitative Research Articles


·         Eide, P., & Kahn, D. (2008). Ethical issues in the qualitative researcher—Participant relationship. Nursing Ethics, 15(2), 199-207.  Abstract

·          Guerriero, I. C. Z., & Zicker, F. (Eds.). (2008). Rethinking ethics in qualitative health research [Special issue]. Ciência & Saúde Coletiva, 13(2).  Abstract

·         He ad, E. (2008). The ethics and implications of paying participants in qualitative research. International Journal of Social Research Methodology. Advance online publication.  Abstract

·         Kv ale, S. (2008). Qualitative inquiry between scientistic evidentialism, ethical subjectivism and the free market. International Review of Qualitative Research, 1(1), 5-18. Abstract

·         Ro gers, K. (2008). Ethics and qualitative research: Issues for midwifery researchers. British Journal of Midwifery, 16(3), 179-182. Abstract



Qualitative Research Employment Openings


·          Assistant Director  (Institute for Children and Poverty)

·          Assistant Professor - Journalism (Ball State University)

·         Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology (University of Texas-Pan American)

·         Assistant Professor of Sociology and Justice Studies (Oklahoma City University)

·          Assistant Vice President  (Synovate)

·          Behaviorial Research Associate (SAIC)

·         Manager/Sr Manager Consumer Insights & Brand Awareness  (MTV Networks)

·          Research and Development Manager (Press Ganey)

·         Research Director (Smith Hanley Associates)

·         Research Position in Practical Theology, Theological Education and Christian Ministry  (Luther Seminary)

·         Social Analyst, Quantitative/Qualitative (Detica)

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