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Volume 7 Number 4 December, 2002
    Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D., Editor
ISSN 1052-0147

Table of Contents*

Using Metaphor to Make Sense and Build Theory in Qualitative Analysis
Peter Aubusson

Anorexic Eating: Two Case Studies in Hong Kong
Zenobia C. Y. Chan and Joyce L. C. Ma

Post-it Notes: Social Workers and Research Participants Sticking Together
Judy Heitzman

Class Size Reduction: A Facilitator of Instructional Program Coherence
Derick M. Kiger

Enhancing the Rigor of Qualitative Research: Application of a Case Methodology to Build Theories of IT Implementation
Guy Paré

Doing Family Research at the Jail: Reflections of a Prison Widow
Joyce A. Arditti

The Presentation of Paradise: Impression Management and the Contemporary Nursing Home
Jason S. Ulsperger and John Paul

Methods and Ethics in a Life History Study of Teacher Thinking
James A. Muchmore

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