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Volume 7 Number 1 March, 2002
    Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D., Editor
ISSN 1052-0147

Table of Contents

Understanding of Emotions and Emotion Regulation in Adolescent Females with Conduct Problems: A Qualitative Analysis
Lynne M. Kostiuk and Gregory T. Fouts

Bias in Qualitative Research: Voices from an Online Classroom
Beloo Mehra

Use of Focus Groups in Survey Item Development
Sylvia C. Nassar-McMillan and L. DiAnne Borders

Redefining our Understanding of Narrative
Amardo Rodriguez

What's Rapport Got To Do With It? The Practical Accomplishment of Fieldwork Relations Between Young Female Researchers and Socially Marginalised Older Men
Cherry Russell, Denise Touchard, and Maree Porter

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