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Volume 5 Numbers 3 & 4 - October, 2000
Special Issue: Papers from the 12th Annual Conference on Ethnographic and Qualitative Research in Education

    Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D., Editor
ISSN 1052-0147

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction
Christina Cruz, Melissa Freeman, and Rebecca Rogers

Exploring the Creative Voice in an Academic Context
Laura Brearley

Imposters in the Sacred Grove: Working Class Women in the Academe
Melanie L. Long, Gaye Ranck Jenkins, and Susan Bracken

Why Urban Parents Resist Involvement in Their Children’s Elementary Education
Peter McDermott and Julia Rothenburg

Case Study of Classroom Practice: A Quiet Form of Research
Janice R. Showler

Multilayered Representation in Research
Kathryn DeLawter, Adrienne Sosin, and Julie Mabey

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