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Volume 4 Numbers 1 & 2 - January, 2000
    Ron Chenail, Editor
ISSN 1052-0147

Table of Contents

Patterns of Talk: A Micro-Landscape Perspective
Jerry Gale

Establishing the Research Foundations for Successful Client-Server Computing:
What Naturalistic Studies Could Contribute

Patricia Y. Logan and Charles M. Lutz

The Dislocated Textile Worker in Rural Alabama: A Portrait
Sharon G. Lankford-Rice

Micropolitical Behavior of Second Graders:
A Qualitative Study of Student Resistance in the Classroom

Angela Spaulding***

Strategies for Conversation and Systems Analysis in Requirements Gathering:
A Qualitative View of Analyst-Client Communication

Cathy Urquhart***

A Note on the Representation of Environmental Risks in the News
DeMond Shondell Miller

Dual-Enrolled Students' Perception of the Effect of Classroom Environment on Educational Experience
Heath Burns & Beth Lewis

Practicing Qualitative Research

Constant Comparison Method: A Kaleidoscope of Data
Jane F. Dye, Irene M. Schatz, Brian A. Rosenberg, & Susanne T. Coleman

***Note: To view the Figures in Angela Spaulding and Cathy Urquhart's papers, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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