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TQR Volume 18 Article 85

TQR Volume 18 Article 86

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Calibrating the Human Instrument: Understanding the Interviewing Experience of Novice Qualitative Researchers
Margarita S. Peredaryenko
International Islamic University, Malaysia, Malaysia
Steven Eric Krauss
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor, D.E., Malaysia

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Prospective Elementary Teachers' Views on Their Teachers and Their Effectiveness
Mehmet Karakas
Artvin Coruh University, Artvin, Turkey

Qualitative Research News and Notes

General Registration for TQR 5th Annual Conference Is Now Open!

TQR Editorial Board Member Marilyn Lichtman's New Book Qualitative Research for the Social Sciences Published by Sage

Sandra Mathison's Qualitative Research Café: "Post-Positivist and Social Constructionist Perspectives on Research"

University of Wisconsin-Madison's MERIT Launches QDA Tools Web Site

SonicRim's Uday Dandavate: "Designing with Metaphors"

Roger MacGinty Blog: "What Do We Mean When We Use the Term 'Local'?"

Discovering Desistance: "New Developments in 'Evidence-based Corrections'"

Kate Davis Info's "Selected Grounded Theory Readings"

Survey Gizmo: "Does Your Consumer Survey Data Paint the Whole Picture? When to Use Qualitative Versus Quantitative Market Research Questions"

Ethnography Matters: "An Interview about 'Unpleasant Design'"

GALO: Global Art Laid Out: "Movement and Stillness: A Conversation with Filmmaker Matt Goldman and Photographer Elizabeth L. Gilbert about 'The Last Safari'"

Anthroplogy News: "A Collaborative Approach to Studying Food Justice in Los Angeles"

Susan Eliot's The Listening Resource: "Listening for Versus Collecting Data"

RW Connect: "Qualitative Research - Why Doesn't It Get the Recognition It Deserves?"

Emma's Blog: "Qualitative Data Analysis: Data Display"

Secrets and Synchronicities -- Ava Lindberg's Blog: "Observer Role in Qualitative Research"

Provalis QDAMiner


TQR "How To" Article of the Week

TQR Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet

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Experiencing Audio Recorded Research (EARR): Giving Voice to Qualitative Poster Presentations
Rasheeta Chandler, Erica H. Anstey, Cindy L. Munro, and Dianne Morrison-Beedy
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida, USA

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Please visit TQR Community's Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet site for more useful sources, sites, books, software applications, and tools including Qualitative Research Web Sites.

New Calls for Conferences and Journals, Training Opportunities, and Funding

30th Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity - Call for Proposals (Opens: September 1, 2013)

26th Annual Ethnographic & Qualitative Research Conference - Call for Papers (Deadline: November 6, 2013)

Qualitative Research in Psychology: "Online Qualitative Inquiries in Psychology: Critical Contributions of Emerging Scholars" - Call for Proposals (Deadline: November 11, 2013)

Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting 2014: "Assembling Life at the 'Margin': Critical Assemblage Thinking and Urban Marginality" - Call for Papers (Deadline: November 14, 2013)

American Education Research Association Division D 2014 Early Career Award in Qualitative Research Methodology - Call for Nominations (Deadline: November 29, 2013)

Forthcoming Edited Book Modern Societal Impacts of the Model Minority Stereotype - Call for Chapter Proposals (Deadline: November 30, 2013)

Tenth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry - Call for Submissions (Deadline: December 1, 2013)

Administrative Ethnography: A Collaborative Workshop between the Public-Private Platform at Copenhagen Business School and the Australia and New Zealand School of Government - Call for Papers (Deadline: January 13, 2014)

2014 Ethnography and Qualitative Research Conference / Convegno di etnografia e ricerca qualitativa - Call for Proposals (Deadline: February 17, 2014)

Urban Education Studies Series - Call for Book Proposals (Deadline: Open)

Taos Institute World Share Books - Call for Submissions (Deadline: Open)

Previously Announced Open Calls and Conferences

Online Graduate QR Certificate

TQR2014 - Fifth Annual Conference

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Winter 2014 admission for the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research, a six course, 18 credit hour online program that prepares its graduates to understand and conduct qualitative research, is now open. Courses offered this winter are QRGP 6301 Qualitative Data Collection, QRGP 6303 Qualitative Data Analysis II, and QRGP 6310: Autoethnography. Classes begin January 6, 2014.

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The TQR2014 Home Page is now open! The theme for our fifth annual conference is "Qualitative Research Artistry and Craft." The two-day event will feature over 75 presentations. Registration will open October 1, 2014. Please visit the new conference web site for more details. This week's featured presentations are by Stacey Kite and by Sophia Acord, Kevin Marshall, Rebecca Jefferson, Bess de Farber, Wesley Huffman, and Alissa Zimmett.

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Qualitative Research Employment Opportunities

Director Institutional Research & Effectiveness (Averett University)

Director of Institutional Research and Planning (Lincoln University)

Evaluation Researcher (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

International Qualitative Research and Evaluation Specialist (ICF International)

Lecturer - Qualitative Research Methods (University of Chicago)

Principal UX Researcher (GE Healthcare)

Qualitative Project Director (Reeve and Associates)

Qualitative Researcher (Gallup Organization)

Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis-Adjunct (Bay State College)

Research Associate (A&P) (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Research Evaluation Analyst (University of Massachusetts - Medical School)

Senior Market Research Manager, Investing Retirement (E*TRADE Financial)

Senior Mobile Usability Researcher (A Internet / New Media Company)

Usability Researcher (Compnova.com)

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