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Volume 17(48) - November 26, 2012

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TQR Volume 17 Article 95

TQR Volume 17 Article 96

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What Therapists Learn from Psychotherapy Clients: Effects on Personal and Professional Lives
Sherry L. Hatcher, Adriana Kipper-Smith, Manuela Waddell, Mechtild Uhe, Joanne S. West, Jason H. Boothe, Joan M. Frye, Katherine Tighe, Kelly L. Usselman, and Patricia Gingras
Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA USA

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Shared Journaling as Peer Support in Teaching Qualitative Research Methods
Áine M. Humble
Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Elizabeth Sharp
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas USA

Qualitative Research News and Notes

Sorry But Social Media Cannot Substitute for Marketing Research

InSites Consulting: Contextual Surveys: Keeping Surveys Alive, Bringing Respondents to Life

Sage Social Science Space: Big Data: Benefit to Society, or Drowning in a Data Deluge?

11 Great Tips for Better Engagement in Online Qualitative Research

Innovation Tools: The Dynamic Duo of Innovation: Ethnography and Big Data

The New Qualitative Research Blog: The Importance of Video in Delivering Research Insight

The mobileYouth Show: How Can Ethnography Reveal Lines of Influence among Teens?

Ethnography Matters Releases Ethnozine: November 2012 (Anniversary) Edition

Motivate Play: "Ethnography and Gaming: A Short Primer"

QRfrag: "Take Note to Make Note"

Backbone: Methods to Study Digital Media

Jennyanne: The A/r/tographer "An Ode to Autoethnography"

Emma's Blog: "I'm a PhD Student…..Get Me Out of Here!"

Mind in Progress: "Qualitative Research in Marketing: When to Make the Best of It"

NHS Kidney Care Appoints Ipsos to Ethnography Study

Out of the Blue: "A Cool Tool for Ethnographic Research"

TQR Teaching and Learning Article of the Week

Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet

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Contextualizing Theories and Practices of Bricolage Research
Matt Rogers
University of New Brunswick, Canada

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Please visit TQR Community's Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet site for more useful sources, sites, books, software applications, and tools including Qualitative Research Web Sites.

New Calls for Conferences and Journals, Training Opportunities, and Funding

2013 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Psychological Anthropology with the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group - Call for Submissions (Deadline: December 18, 2012)

Qual360 Europe - Call for Synopsis (Deadline: December 22, 2012)

International Communication Association Post-conference: "Bridging the Quantitative-Qualitative Divide in Comparative Communication Research: Heading towards Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)" - Call for Submissions (Deadline: January 11, 2013)

The Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) and European Association of Social Anthropologists' (EASA) Medical Anthropology Network Joint International Conference: "Encounters and Engagements: Creating New Agendas for Medical Anthropology" - Call for Submissions (Deadline: February 15, 2013)

The International Journal of Business Anthropology Spring 2014 Volume: "Collaboration as a Negotiated Process in Business Anthropology" - Call for Papers (Deadline: September 30, 2013)

Sense Publishers: Teaching Gender Series - Call for Book Proposals (Deadline: Open)

Taos Institute WorldShare Books - Call for Submissions (Deadline: Open)

Previously Announced Open Calls and Conferences

Online Graduate QR Certificate

TQR Fourth Annual Conference

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Winter 2013 admission for the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research, a six course, 18 credit hour online program that prepares its graduates to understand and conduct qualitative research, is now open. Courses offered this winter are QRGP 6301 Qualitative Data Collection, QRGP 6303 Qualitative Data Analysis II, and QRGP 6308 Writing Qualitative Research. Classes begin January 7, 2013.

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Registration for TQR2013 is now open! "Qualitative Research and Technology" is the theme for the two-day conference. The opening plenary address to be given by Dr. Sharlene Janice Nagy Hesse-Biber and Dr. Natalie Hanson will deliver the closing plenary speech. TQR Editor-in-Chief Ron Chenail will conduct a three-hour workshop entitled, "Mobile Qualitative Research: Exploring Clouds and Apps." Please visit the new conference web site for more details.

Qualitative Research Employment Opportunities

Assistant Dean (Northcentral University)

Assistant Professor (University of New Mexico)

Assistant Professor of Sociology (Gulf University for Science and Technology)

Assistant Vice President of Institutional Planning & Research (University of Indianapolis)

Customer Research Manager (U.S. Bancorp)

Director, Consumer Insights Qualitative (Netflix)

Director of Institutional Research (Western Nevada College)

Director of Institutional Research (Southern Methodist University)

Institutional Research Analyst (Wheelock College)

Manager, Qualitative Methodologies and Research Operations (Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A)

Part-time Research Assistant (DePaul University)

Program Officer, Research and Evaluation (Seattle, WA)

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Specialist (Cambia Health Solutions)

Senior Research & Planning Associates (Baylor University)

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