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Volume 17(33) - August 13, 2012

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TQR Volume 17 Article 65

TQR Volume 17 Article 66

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Women and Wasta: The Use of Focus Groups for Understanding Social Capital and Middle Eastern Women
Deborah C. Bailey
Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA

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"The Road Not Taken" - Israeli Teachers' Reactions to Top-Down Educational Reform
Roxana G. Reichman
Gordon College of Education, Haifa, Israel
Shlomit Artzi
Ministry of Education, Haifa, Israel

Qualitative Research News and Notes

Urban Adonia: Using Ethnographic Research as Bike Outreach

New NSF Report: Collaboration in Academic R&D: A Decade of Growth in Pass-Through Funding

Greenbook: The Black Hole of Research: Dull but Critical

Six Lessons Learned from Leading 6,000 Focus Groups - Lesson 4: Maintain Research Rigor Not Research Rigidity

Invoke Solutions: Is Hitting 3 for 3 on Qualitative Research a Fantasy?

business2community: When Did You Last Map the Buying Process of Your Customers?

HBR Blog Network: Get to Know Your Non-Customer

Qessential: Maximizing Insights from Qualitative Data

QRfrag: QSR NVivo 10 and the Emergent Future of Qualitative Research

QRfrag: Questions about Archiving Qualitative Research Data

Macadamian Blog: What Is the ROI of UX Design?

UX Matters: Observing User Research

Toward a Sound-based Scholarship

Explore Everyday: Instagram Ethnographer

Somatosphrere: Are IRBs a Stumbling Block for an Engaged Anthropology?

Neuroanthropology: Quotations and "Unquotations" in Journalism and Ethnography

Web Resource of the Week

TQR Resources on the Internet

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DiscoverText: Cloud-based Text Analytics
Stuart Shulman
Texifter, LLC.
Amherst, MA USA

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Please visit TQR Community's Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet site for more useful sources, sites, books, software applications, and tools including Qualitative Research Web Sites.

New Calls for Conferences and Journals, Training Opportunities, and Funding

Kensington Communications: Museum Secrets - Call for Anthropological Expertise on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and American Culture (Deadline: ASAP)

World Conference on Psychology and Sociology - Call for Abstracts (Deadline: September 12, 2012)

Asian Conference on Arts and Humanities 2013 - Call for Papers (Deadline: December 1, 2012)

15th Annual International Conference of The Society for Phenomenology and Media - Call for Papers (Deadline: December 1, 2012)

Asian Conference on the Social Sciences 2013 - Call for Papers (Deadline: February 1, 2013)

Sense Publishers: Teaching Gender Series - Call for Book Proposals (Deadline: Open)

Taos Institute WorldShare Books - Call for Submissions (Deadline: Open)

Previously Announced Open Calls and Conferences

Online Graduate QR Certificate

TQR Fourth Annual Conference

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Fall 2012 admission for the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research, a six course, 18 credit hour online program that prepares its graduates to understand and conduct qualitative research, is now open. Courses offered this fall are QRGP 6300 Foundations of Qualitative Research, QRGP 6302 Qualitative Data Analysis I, and QRGP 6306 Conducting Qualitative Research I. Classes begin August 20, 2012.

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"Qualitative Research and Technology" is the theme for TQR2013! The opening plenary address to be given by Dr. Sharlene Janice Nagy Hesse-Biber and Dr. Natalie Hanson will deliver the closing plenary speech. Please visit the new conference web site for more details.

Qualitative Research Employment Opportunities

Design Researcher (IDEO)

Director, Marketing Research Job (McLean, VA)

Director Project Delivery, Market Research (Scientific Search)

Financial Aid Research Analyst (University of California Berkeley)

Masters-level Research Economist (RTI International)

Qualitative Researcher - Science (Wireless Generation)

Research Associate (Vera Institute of Justice)

Research Manager (Robert Half International)

Senior Manager, Advisor Research (Alexander Bec)

Senior Market Research Manager (Nike)

Senior Early Childhood Researcher (SRI International)

Senior UX Researcher, Freelance (Creative Circle)

UE Researcher III (Yahoo)

Vice President of Research (Opportunity Finance Network)

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