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Volume 17(29) - July 16, 2012

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TQR Volume 17 Article 57

TQR Volume 17 Article 58

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My Sister, Our Stories: Exploring the Lived Experience of School Leavers through Narrative and Poetics
C. Amelia Davis
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA
Jennifer L. Pepperell
Minnesota State University, Mankato, MN, USA

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Being an Insider Researcher While Conducting Case Study Research
Sema Unluer
Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey

Qualitative Research News and Notes

Six Lessons Learned from Leading 6,000 Focus Groups - Lesson #3: No One Remembers Your Last Group - You Are Only as Good as Your Next Group!

Peer Ethnography: Practicing the Ethics of Research and Representation

Market Research Software I Wish I Had

QRFrag: Qualitative Research Data Bases

QRFrag: QR Data Bases and QR Archiving

QRFrag: QR Eras and the Implications for Archiving

QUIRKS: Disney Augments Ad Research with App-Based Qualitative Method

QUIRKS: Qualitatively Speaking: Mobile Qualitative Finally Hits Its Stride

Savage Minds: Caring for Our Sidelines

Savage Minds: Making Ethnography Work

Savage Minds: The Anthropology of Snacks, Widgets, and Pills: What I Learned from Ethnographic Consumer Research

Anthropology News: The State of AAA's Publishing Program - The Portfolio, Open Access and Sustainability

Putting People First: Perspectives in Experience Design

Putting People First: Field Notes from Global Tech Ethnographer Tricia Wang

anthrostrategist: Poetry, Semiotics and Brand Building

The Anthropologist in the Stacks: Optical Fabrication and Testing, Ethnography, and Poster Sessions

Web Resource of the Week

TQR Resources on the Internet

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Saturate App: Simple Collaborative Qualitative Analysis
Jonathan Sillito
The University of Calgary

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Please visit TQR Community's Qualitative Research Resources on the Internet site for more useful sources, sites, books, software applications, and tools including Qualitative Research Web Sites.

New Calls for Conferences and Journals, Training Opportunities, and Funding

Workshop Section at the 35th Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (DGfS): "Linguistic Foundations of Narration in Spoken and Sign Languages" - Call for Papers (Deadline: September 1, 2012)

Ethnography Group Session at Icon Conference 2013: "Shared Materials between Ethnography and Natural History"- Call for Papers (Deadline: September 10, 2012)

2012 Australian Institute for Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis Conference: "Knowledge and Asymmetries in Action" - Call for Submissions (Deadline: September 15, 2012)

34th Annual Southwest/Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association Conference: "Celebrating Popular/American Culture(s) in a Global Context" - Call for Proposals (Deadline: November 16, 2012)

What Does C. Wright Mills' The Sociological Imagination Mean Today? - Call for Contributions (Deadline: Open)

New Journal Mobile Media & Communication - Initial Call for Papers (Deadline: Open)

Taos Institute WorldShare Books - Call for Submissions (Deadline: Open)

Previously Announced Open Calls and Conferences

Online Graduate QR Certificate

TQR Fourth Annual Conference

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Fall 2012 admission for the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research, a six course, 18 credit hour online program that prepares its graduates to understand and conduct qualitative research, is now open. Courses offered this fall are QRGP 6300 Foundations of Qualitative Research, QRGP 6302 Qualitative Data Analysis I, and QRGP 6306 Conducting Qualitative Research I.

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"Qualitative Research and Technology" is the theme for TQR2013! The opening plenary address to be given by Dr. Sharlene Janice Nagy Hesse-Biber and Dr. Natalie Hanson will deliver the closing plenary speech. Please visit the new conference web site for more details.

Qualitative Research Employment Opportunities

Assistant Director of Institutional Research (Bucknell University)

Coordinator, Research and Marketing (Mediacom Communications)

Director, Clinical Simulation Research (North Shore-LIJ Health System)

Director, Institutional Research (Mount Mary College)

User Experience Designer (Salmon)

Director of Marketing Research (Columbia University)

Director of Research and Evaluation (Wilson Language Training)

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (Islamic Relief USA)

Manager, Qualitative Research (Purohit Navigation)

Research Assistant - Development (One Campaign)

Senior Qualitative Researcher (Westat)

Research Associate I (University of California, San Diego)

Research Associate 2 (University of Miami)

Summer Research Assistant (University of Kentucky)

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