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One Graduate Certificate Program - Two Matriculation Choices: For- and Not-For Credit

Nova Southeastern University's Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences' Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research, which began in January 2009, helps academics, professional research consultants, program evaluators, and graduate students to understand a variety of qualitative research approaches and to conduct qualitative research studies. We offer participants two matriculation choices: a for-credit option to earn the graduate certificate, or, at a reduced price, a not-for-credit option to earn a certificate of completion.

Participate Full- or Part-Time to Earn the Certificate or Simply Take the Course You Need

The Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research is a 18 credit hour program (6 courses) that is offered in an online learning format. Enrollees may register full- or part-time, taking three to six credit hours per term. Students decide to just take one course they need to further their development. Participants can expect to complete the Graduate Certificate program in 12-24 months depending on their pace of study. Courses are offered in the Fall, Winter and Summer semesters. Attendees may enroll for the entire certificate or take just the courses they need. Students can also opt to take courses in a not-for-credit option at a reduced price and can earn a certificate of completion if they take all six courses.

Certificate Goals and Objectives

As a graduate of the certificate program you will be able to

  • articulate the distinguishing aspects of the major qualitative research methods;
  • design and conduct rigorous qualitative research studies;
  • generate, collect, prepare, and analyze a variety of qualitative data;
  • compose high-quality qualitative research reports; appraise qualitative research works; and
  • create a professional portfolio of outstanding scholarly products.

Unique Learning Approach
  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Data: For any of the assignments you can select to work with data or situations we provide or you can bring your own projects and data to the assignments.
  • Learn By Doing: Your major activities in each course revolve around completing projects designed to help your learn from working with experienced mentors. You can also make significant contributions to on-going qualitative research studies.
  • Enjoy Our Experience: You will personally gain from our faculty's experience and knowledge honed from our Schools twenty-one years of delivering quality qualitative research education along with producing The Qualitative Report (TQR), a ground-breaking open-access online journal since 1990.
Certificate Courses
  • QRGP 6300 Foundations of Qualitative Research
  • QRGP 6301 Qualitative Data Collection
  • QRGP 6302 Qualitative Data Analysis I
  • QRGP 6303 Qualitative Data Analysis II
  • QRGP 6305 Qualitative Research Design
  • Electives

More information on courses, course learning outcomes, books, and major assignments for each class.

Outstanding Faculty

FAQ and Testimonials

Admissions and Additional Information

To learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research please visit our Admissions Page or contact Dr. Ron Chenail, Program Director, at ron@nsu.nova.edu.

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