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Volume 19 Forthcoming Articles

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Volume 19

Article 85: Converting Capital: The Experiences of Latinas/os in Graduate Health Care Programs by Maristela C. Zell

Article 86: Expert Opinion? A Micro-analysis of Eating Disorder Talk on Dr. Phil by Andrea LaMarre and Olga Sutherland

Book Review 13: Autoethnography in Practice: A Book Review of British Contemporary Ethnography by Jessica Nina Lester & Zulfukar Ozdogan

Article 87: Mothers of Sons with Substance Use Disorders: A Grounded Theory Approach Revealing Maternal Expectations and Three Stages of Change by Judith A. Nelson, Richard C. Henriksen, and Rosanne S. Keathley

Article 88: A Sensitive Question: Asking about Race in a Research Interview by Laura O'Hara

How To Article 25: A Critical Approach to Reflexivity in Grounded Theory by Stephen J. Gentles, Susan M. Jack, David B. Nicholas, and K. Ann McKibbon

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