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Diverse Pedagogical Practices and Conceptual Considerations for Developing and Teaching Qualitative Research Methods Courses

AERA 2010 Teaching Qualitative Research Mini-Course
May 1, 2010
Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Ron Chenail, and Jan Nespor


The purpose of this interactive mini-course is to assist scholars to develop and enhance their skills related to developing and teaching qualitative research methods courses. The course will cover various instructional areas such as course sequencing and course content, assignments and activities, readings and other learning materials, evaluation, and linking activism and theory in qualitative research. Particular emphasis will be given to the ways in which instructors can utilize theoretical and methodological diversity currently characterizing the field of qualitative research. Pedagogical and instructional examples as well as course materials and resources are drawn from US and European contexts. Additionally, course participants are encouraged to bring their own syllabus, course descriptions, and planned assignments to receive feedback from the facilitators and other course participants.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this mini-course, participants will have:

  • increased knowledge about diverse materials suitable for both introductory and advanced qualitative methods courses
  • understandings of diverse challenges such as students' diverse backgrounds and interests, diversity of the field, integration of practice and theory and some solutions to these challenges when teaching qualitative methods courses
  • a set of resources and materials that they can draw from when designing their own courses
  • received feedback from peers and facilitator regarding their own course materials

Qualitative Research Course Sequencing

Jan Nespor focuses on the course sequencing and content (i.e., diverse or specific focus, theoretical or practical orientation). More specifically he will talk about structure and timing, assumptions about subject, learning, content, and the problem of linearizing an interative, looping approach to inquiry.

Course Sequencing Materials

Qualitative Research Assignments and Activities

Mirka Koro-Ljungberg highlights some possible assignments and activities (i.e., research projects, group work, individualized/co-constructed assignments, field work, chat-rooms) suitable for graduate level qualitative research courses. She will also discuss some strengths and limitations of different assignments and activities based on her own classroom experiences and students' feedback.

Qualitative Research Assignments and Activities Materials

Qualitative Research Evaluation

Ron Chenail discusses diverse ways to evaluate qualitative research courses both from the teachers' and students' perspectives (i.e., rubrics, individual learning goals, and peer reviews). He will emphasize how to take a learning perspective in evaluation by showing how to align measurable program and course outcomes and competencies, learning activities, and assessment methods to provide feedback so students, faculty members, and program administrators can all learn from the course results.

Qualitative Research Evaluation Materials

Other Mini-Course Resources

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