Viktor J. Joganow, Ed.D.

Viktor J. Joganow, Ed.D.

NSU Graduate, Fischler School of Education and Human Services
Tirelessly Educating

Viktor J. Joganow, an educator for 40 years, has never tired of teaching. "I will be 61 this year, and I don't see myself walking away anytime soon," he said. "I still have a passion for it."

That passion began when he was a high-school student at Passaic Valley Regional High School. After graduating from college, he returned to his old high school to teach. He went on to become superintendent of two different school districts before returning to his home town in 2001.

He credits much of his success to NSU's innovative graduate school programs at the Fischler School, where he earned his Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

Two years ago, Joganow and two other Fischler School graduates, Dominick A. Potena and Theodore A. Jakubowski, were honored as Superintendents of the Year.

"There is no question NSU was a leader in the off-campus structure," he said.

While at NSU, Joganow worked on a model for establishing a foundation to generate revenue for school districts. His concept is being used in his school district and two others.

Joganow said a degree in education does not limit a graduate to teaching. A background in education can prepare a person for other fields of work. "It gives you practical experience in dealing with data and analyzing information, which puts you in a better position to make decisions in any field," he said.