Timothy McCartney, Ph.D

Timothy McCartney, Ph.D.

H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business & Entrepreneurship

Impacting Lives Inside the Classroom and Beyond

Changing lives.  Whether in the classroom or through his work as an international expert in mental health programming and organizational behavior, Timothy McCartney, Ph.D. makes an impact on lives.  The first Bahamian to get a doctorate degree in psychology, McCartney returned to his native country in 1967 to serve in the Ministry of Health, developing a variety of innovative mental health programs and organizations to serve the people of the Bahamas. This was just the beginning of decades of humanitarian and organizational behavior consulting work with businesses and organizations throughout the world that has led to international recognition for his contributions to world health. In 2002, McCartney was recognized as a “Health Hero” by the Pan American Organization of the United Nations.  And in Nassau, Bahamas, the “Timothy McCartney Building” at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Center houses the Ministry of Health’s child guidance activities.

The recognition of McCartney’s expertise and excellence in sharing his knowledge is no surprise to the students and faculty at the Huizenga School, where he has taught since 1978.  He was awarded the  “Excellence in Teaching” award in 1998, and again in 1999 for his 15 years of outstanding contribution to the development of graduate level education in Jamaica.

McCartney calls upon all of his qualifications to teach his Organizational Behavior classes at the Huizenga School, where his classroom philosophy is one of experiential and student-centered learning.  “I try to create an atmosphere of ‘relaxed excitement’ where students are not afraid to question, explore, share issues and challenge the professor,” said McCartney. “As a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and organizational behavior consultant, my role changes from being a lecturer to facilitator to role-player and supporter.” 

McCartney has written scientific articles, books, chapters for textbooks, articles for magazines and produced educational films.  He travels extensively teaching courses, consulting, conducting seminars/workshops and giving speeches to community and professional organizations. In his leisure time, he enjoys theology, philosophy, cooking and good wine.