Our Staff

Office of Research and Technology Transfer

Gary S. Margules, Sc.D. Vice President (954) 262-7509 Email
Katherine E. Rose, J.D., LLM Assistant Vice President (954) 262-7508 Email
Roxana Ross, M.B.A., GPC Director of Operations (954) 262-7517 Email
Maryellen Maher, Ph.D. Associate Director of Research Support (954) 262-8554 Email
Janice Medina, M.B.A. Research Compliance Manager (954) 262-7590 Email
Rae Levenson, M.S. Executive Assistant (954) 262-7509 Email
Franchesca Fontus, B.A. Graduate Assistant (954) 262-7509 Email
Office of Clinical Research
Rita Silverman, M.P.S., CCRC Administrative Director (954) 262-1413 Email
Judy Magnum, CCRC, CRA Clinical Research Nurse (954) 262-1022 Email
Susan Breno, CCRC Clinical Research Coordinator (954) 262-1447 Email
Karla Correa, B.A. Graduate Assistant (954) 262-7509 Email
Office of Sponsored Programs
Cathy Harlan, M.P.A, CRA, GPC Director (954) 262-5366 Email
Catherine Cassidy, M.P.A, CRA Contract & Export Control Manager (954) 262-5378 Email
Laura Kingsley, M.P.H., CRA Associate Director (954) 262-5349 Email
Ashley Whitaker, M.S., CRA Assistant Director (954) 262-5374 Email
Manira Ahmed, M.S., M.Sc. Grant Officer (954) 262-5363 Email
Kerri Bolow, B.S., CRA Grant Officer (954) 262-5370 Email
Jennifer Jones, M.S., MFT Grant Officer (954) 262-5367 Email
Kristin Cress, CRA Grant Officer (954) 262-5371 Email
Benjamin Johnson, B.A. Administrative Assistant II (954) 262-5372 Email
Grant Writing Laboratory
Roxana Ross, M.B.A., GPC Grant Writing Manager (954) 262-4658 Email
Maryellen Maher, Ph.D Associate Director of Research Support (954) 262-4658
Franchesca Fontus, B.A. Graduate Assistant
(954) 262-4658