Grant Education on Blackboard

Blackboard Courses

Grant training is available to NSU faculty and staff members on Blackboard. Topics include Brown Bag Workshops, Pre-Award Training, and Effort Reporting Workshops. To access blackboard directly, enter the following address into your browser:

How to Access "NSU Grant Education" on Blackboard:

  • Go to which will take you to Blackboard
  • Select "NSU Grant Education" from your list of courses.

To Navigate to Brown Bag Workshops in the "NSU Grant Education" Blackboad Course

  • From your list of Blackboard Courses select "NSU Grant Education"
  • From left-side menu, click on "Workshop Recordings"
  • Select "2013 Brown Bag Workshops"
  • Select the workshop of your choice
  • Once inside the workshop folder, click on the recording to play.

About Research and Technology Transfer

The Office of Research and Technology Transfer (RTT), is a unit under the department of Translational Research and Economic Development. RTT is the overarching organization for the Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Clinical Research, Office of Technology Transfer, and the Grant Writing Laboratory.

Basic, applied, clinical and commercial research are all essential fundamentals to enhance the student's education experience, attract highly qualified students, attract highly qualified faculty, grow the clinical practice and translate research for the good of the public. Our vision for research is:

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