Safety on Campus

Communicable Diseases Guidelines

It is the intent of the university to protect students from communicable diseases that pose reasonable risk of harm to members of the university community. It is also the intent of the University to protect the rights of those infected with a communicable disease. Students who do become infected with a communicable disease are subject to the guidelines listed below. The University will be flexible in its response to incidents of communicable disease, evaluating each occurrence in light of this policy and current available medical information.

The University will make available to the University community information about the transmissibility of communicable disease and precautions, which can be taken to prevent the spread of various communicable diseases. An infected student can continue to study and work so long as she/he is able to continue to perform their regular responsibilities satisfactorily, and so long as the best available medical evidence indicates that his/her continual status does not present a health or safety threat to themselves or others. An infected student returning to school after a leave of absence for reasons related to a communicable disease must provide a statement from his/her physician indicating their current medical status. Students should submit their statement to their program Dean. Within reasons, the University will make accommodations to the infected person, whenever possible, to ensure continuity in the classroom.

No infected student may be dismissed from the University solely on the basis of a diagnosis of an infection of a contagious disease. A decision to dismiss or discharge will only be made after reasonable accommodation has been attempted, and an examination of facts demonstrate that the infected person can no longer perform essential requirements of the position or program or poses a reasonable threat to the health and safety of those around them.

In the event that a student has a concern about the potential for the spread of communicable disease within the University community, those concerns should be brought to the Office of Student Affairs for review consistent with the current available information on the spread of the particular communicable disease. After review and evaluation of the concerns, if there appears to be a reasonable likelihood of the spread of disease within the University Community by an infected person, the Office of Student Affairs will, after notification of the issues presented to the University President, contact the Center for Disease Control and/or Broward Health Department for recommendation of appropriate action consistent with state law.